Cat Safety to Protect Birds

New Campaign Focuses on Cat Safety to Protect Birds.

With many species of bird in decline, Nature Canada, the oldest national nature conservation charity in the country, has launched a campaign to provide information as well as solutions to help support our wild bird populations.

The Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives campaign led by Nature Canada brings together organizations and individuals who are concerned about the wellbeing of both cats and birds. The campaign addresses the dangers of free-roaming for cats, and the corresponding threat they pose to birds, encouraging pet owners to take action and urging municipalities to implement strategies that promote positive changes for both these animals.

In 2015, Le Nichoir cared for 1649 wild birds brought to the Centre mostly due to human impacts, and unfortunately the most common cause of injury among the birds admitted was cat attacks. As a local partner of Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives , Le Nichoir supports this initiative in hopes of increasing awareness and encourages the public to visit their website at

Cats and Birds

Spring Is Off to a Flying Start at Le Nichoir

Susan WylieAs spring gathers pace, most of our winter migrants have returned. Everywhere you look are birds busy finding nesting materials, performing elaborate displays in hopes of finding a mate, and moulting into their beautiful breeding plumage. All this activity is a sure sign that Le Nichoir’s services will certainly be needed this summer, and our barn doors are officially open.

With the construction of Le Nichoir’s new Wild Bird Conservation Centre and the celebration of the Centre’s 20th anniversary this summer promises to be a busy one! Our open-door policy allows visitors to come tour the facility, view our interpretive panels while exploring the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve and get to know our staff and volunteers.

We are open for business as usual during the construction but please feel free to call the Centre before dropping by, as you may encounter days when access and parking are limited.


A Taste of Hudson Raises $52,000

Susan Wylie, Executive Director

What an amazing evening! What a record-breaking success! Our 115 guests raised $52,000 during the third edition of A Taste of Hudson.

2016 is a hugely important year for Le Nichoir. It is the year we celebrate 20 years of commitment to wild bird conservation and the year we open the new main building. Neither of which would be possible without all the support we have been shown over the years. On April 2nd we celebrated the achievements our supporters have made possible and ensured the future of our programs this summer.

The monies raised will be used to provide bird care and education program services this summer and to purchase classroom and kitchen equipment for the new building.

Follow the link to view some images of Le Nichoir Then and Now presented by Dr. Lynn Miller during the event.

Le Nichoir’s Board of Directors would like to thank you for all for giving your time at this event to make it a success. Without you, this evening would not have been possible. [Read more…]

A Taste of Hudson celebrates Le Nichoir’s 20th Anniversary!

A Taste of Hudson 2016

A true community effort by chefs and merchants makes Le Nichoir’s fundraiser on April 2nd a must!

A Taste of Hudson promises to satisfy your palate by indulging in a variety of culinary creations prepared by this region’s chefs. This fundraiser plays a vital role in raising money for Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre, Quebec’s only rehabilitation centre specialized in the care of songbirds and aquatic birds.

Chefs will show their talent by preparing signature dishes they are most known for. Keep your eye out for chef Claudia Portaro from Claudia’s Catering, Stuart Le Baron of LeBaron Bites, Keith Wells of Mackoli Catering, The team of L’artisan de la mer, Patricia Hovington of Minus 40 Foods, Dave Warner of Auberge Willow, Dawn Hodes of Daboom! Desserts, Brûlerie Totem and Jean-Pierre Martel of Terroir Hudson Ice Cream. Each one of our 115 lucky guests will also be treated with a little something from La Maison du Défricheur. [Read more…]

2016 Special Edition Newsletter

As we launch into 2016, staff, volunteers and friends of Le Nichoir share a look back on 2015.

Both staff and volunteers care the birds admitted to Le Nichoir. Volunteers are very important to the Centre’s ability to offer bird care services 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

In 2015, 138 volunteers gave over 4,600 hours of their time to help ensure compassionate and professional care for 1649 birds representing 100 species – an increase of 9.3% over the previous year.

The 3 most common species of birds admitted to Le Nichoir in 2015 were species native to Quebec including the American Robin (13.8%), Mallard (12.4%) and Ring-billed Gull (8.5%).

Cat attacks (8.2%) ranked as the number 1 confirmed injury while window collisions (3.8%) and car collisions (2.6%) came in second and third respectively.

Download your 2016 newsletter here

News from Le Nichoir

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2016

Le Nichoir

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who gave so generously in 2015. We could not have cared for all the birds brought to our door, delivered so many education programs or begun construction of the new building without you.

Model Le NichoirThe architects at Studio MMA have created a build-it yourself Nichoir. Print it out and build your own model of the new Centre as designed by Studio MMA and as being built by eSpace Construction.

We look forward to welcoming you to the real thing next summer!

2015 Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign 2015Once a year during our Annual Campaign we invite the community to show its support for the work we do at Le Nichoir. Your gift to Le Nichoir during our Annual Campaign enables our team of wildlife biologists, students and volunteers to deliver on our mission of conserving wild birds.

Le Nichoir fulfills this mission by offering two programs: professional and compassionate care of injured and orphaned wild birds, and the development and delivery of environmental education to the public.

Did you know?

Le Nichoir has grown to be Canada’s largest songbird rehabilitation centre.

So far this year, over 1560 birds representing 84 species have been admitted for care.

Staff and volunteers respond to over 6000 emails and phone calls each year.

Last year volunteers donated over 4500 hours to help care for the birds.

In 2014 birds came to Le Nichoir from 144 different cities and towns in Quebec.

Almost every admission is due to an unfortunate human impact.

We took in 11 young Cliff Swallows when their nests were removed from a Montreal bridge. After several weeks of feedings every 45 minutes, they were banded and released.

A Canada Goose was admitted with a fish hook embedded in her neck. The hook was removed, the wound cleaned and after a short recovery period in our large aviary she was released.

Five nestling Bank Swallows, a declining species in Quebec, were rescued after excavation equipment destroyed their nest, a tunnel in the sand. The young birds were fed a specialized diet every 30 minutes for several weeks before learning to fly in a flight cage. They were successfully released in a protected area.

At Le Nichoir birds are looked after as individuals, yet we strongly believe that education is the real key to conserving wild bird populations and their habitats. At the Centre we see the impact of human activity on wild birds on a daily basis, and we are using this powerful perspective to develop our formal education program. Over 600 children participated in our programs so far this year. The financial support received during our Annual Campaign is what permits us to continue to develop and offer these programs.

On behalf of all of us at Le Nichoir, thank-you for your participation in our Annual Campaign, and for your confidence in our efforts to care for the birds that share our planet.



Susan Wylie, Sc. Wildlife Biology
Executive Director


Le Nichoir Launches Bird Friendly Coffee

Why Le Nichoir and coffee?

Le Nichoir Bird Friendly CoffeeWe developed Le Nichoir’s Bird Friendly coffee to promote the preservation of habitat for the migratory birds that travel from our backyards each winter to the faraway farms?that produce our coffee.

Drinking Bird Friendly coffee is a simple choice we can make to protect migratory bird habitat.



Why buy our coffee?

Bird Friendly logo

  • Certified Bird Friendly coffee is the strictest environmental standard when it comes to protecting bird habitat.
  • Encourage farmers to preserve agroforests by increasing demand for certified coffees
  • It’s locally roasted within 20 km of Le Nichoir to ensure it is always really fresh
  • Profits support Le Nichoir’s bird care and education programs
  • And of course, it is delicious!


Where to buy

Que de bonnes choses La Plume Verte


An Exciting Day at Le Nichoir

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The rain stopped and the clouds parted as guests arrived at the new Conservation Centre groundbreaking ceremony August 14th.

 “We’ve been looking forward to this day for some time” says Susan Wylie Executive Director.”

The new main building will house an avian wildlife rehabilitation facility that will ensure the public year round access to the professional services of Le Nichoir as well as providing the region with emergency response services and an important centre of expertise.

In addition, the building will house a multi-function classroom facility that will permit a significant expansion of Le Nichoir’s on-site environmental education program, providing a unique learning environment that links the classroom and the adjacent nature reserve.

The building was designed by Studio MMA, a Montreal architecture firm with a long-standing commitment to environmentally responsible architecture.

 “The guiding vision for this project is of a building integrated into its community and integrated into its site, a building that fulfills its educational vocation both in terms of ornithology and as an example of sustainable construction: a ‘green’ building that reflects the environmental values of Le Nichoir” says Vouli Mamfredis, partner in charge of the project.

Construction Managers for the project are eSpace Construction Inc, a company with a solid reputation in executing sustainable construction projects. The building will be completed in 2016 in time for Le Nichoir’s 20th anniversary of conserving avian wildlife.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the presence of Mme Marie-Claude Nichols MNA Vaudreuil, M. Jamie Nicholls MP for Vaudreuil-Soulanges, M. Jean Lalonde Préfet de la MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges, M. Ed Prévost Mayor of Hudson, M. Julien Turcotte General Manager CLD Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Mme. Nathalie Zinger Regional Vice-President Nature Conservancy of Canada, Mme Lynn Miller co-founder of Le Nichoir as well as representatives from partner organizations and individual supporters of the project.

Humane Society International’s Aviva Vetter and Le Nichoir’s President Lindsay D’Aoust

Humane Society International’s Aviva Vetter and Le Nichoir’s President Lindsay D’Aoust

Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director SPCA Montreal and Le Nichoir’s Executive Director Susan Wylie.

Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director SPCA Montreal and Le Nichoir’s Executive Director Susan Wylie.

Open House Invitation

Open House

Come participate in a guided tour of our facility, take a bird watching walk with a naturalist, or have your face painted by one of our volunteers.

Saturday July 18, 2015
10 am – 2 pm
637 Main, Hudson QC J0P 1H0

There will be a variety of fun activities, a cash BBQ lunch as well as other non-profit organizations for you to meet.

This is a rain-or-shine event that gives you the opportunity to get to know Le Nichoir’s volunteers and staff and, most importantly, offers the opportunity to observe many of the different species of birds found in Quebec. Admission is free and everyone is invited!

Press Release