Your Local Journal Article

The July 3rd edition of Your Local Journal carried an article by special contributor Frank Hicks about the rescue of nine ducklings from a Montreal hotel where they had fallen into a tar filled construction area of an indoor pool. (July 2009)

Montreal Gazette Article

The July 7th edition of the Montreal Gazette carried an article about Le Nichoir entitled ‘A Haven for Broken Wings’ by reporter Cheryl Cornacchia. The Gazette photographer Natasha Fillion took some great pictures around the centre. (July 2009)

Le Nichoir Opens for the 2009 Season

Le Nichoir opens the barn facility for the 2009 season on May 18. (May 2009)

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Chimney Swift Release

Climate change affects migration patterns forcing Le Nichoir to release 5 Chimney Swifts 700 km away from the centre. (September 2008)

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Le Nichoir Speaks out About Air Rifles

“These guns are not toys” exclaims Lynn Miller, expert in bird rehabilitation and one of the founders of Le Nichoir. A juvenile crow was admitted to the centre with a badly damaged wing. This was not the first time Le Nichoir has attempted to rehabilitate a bird that was injured by an air rifle. (July 2008)

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