Collective Nouns

Bird Orders, Families etc. Group Names
Geese, Ducks & Swans
Geese A gaggle – on land or water
A skein – in flight
A chevron, wedge – flying in a "V"
Ducks A safe – on land
A paddling, raft – on water
A dopping – when diving
A plump, team – in flight
Wigeons A company, knob, trip
Mallards A sord, sute – in flight
Teal A coil, diving, knob, spring
Swans A ballet, bevy, drift, herd, regatta, whiteness
Grouse, Partridge and Wild Turkeys
Partridge A bevy, bew, covey, jugging, warren
Grouse A chorus, covey, drumming (during mating season), grumbling, leash, lek,
Wild Turkeys A gang, rafter
Loons An asylum, cry, water dance
Grebes A water dance
Cormorants A flight, gulp, sunning, swim
Bitterns and Herons
Bitterns A dash, pretense, sedge, siege
Herons A battery, hedge, pose, rookery, scattering
Egrets A congregation, RSVP, skewer, wedge
Turkey Vultures A cast, colony, committee, venue, wake
Eagles and Hawks
Eagles An aerie, congress, convocation, jubilee, soar, spread, tower
Harriers A harassment, swarm
Hawks A boil, kettle (riding a thermal), knot, spiralling, screw, stream
Goshawks A flight, glare, gross
Rails and Coots
Virginia Rails A reel
Soras An ache, expression, whinny
Coots A commotion, cover, covert, fleet, raft, swarm
Moorhens A plump
Plovers A congregation, wing (in flight)
Killdeer A season
Sandpipers, Snipe and Woodcock
Yellowlegs An incontinence
Sandpipers A bind, contradiction, fling, hill, time-step
Snipe A leash, volley, walk, wisp
Woodcock A cord, fall, flight, plump, rush
Gulls & Terns
Gulls A colony, flotilla, pack, scavenging, screech, squabble
Terns A ternery, "U"
Common Terns A committee
Pigeons and Doves
Pigeons A band, dropping, flight, kit, loft, passel, plague, school
Doves A dole, dule, flight
Owls A bazaar, glaring, parliament, sagaciousness, silence (in flight) stare,
stooping, wisdom
Barn Owls A stable
Barred Owls A jail, a prohibition
Snowy Owls A blizzard
Nightjars – Nighthawks &
Nighthawks A kettle
Whip-poor-wills An invisibility, seek
Swifts and Hummingbirds
Swifts A box, drift, screaming frenzy, swoop
Hummingbirds A bouquet, charm, hover, glittering, shimmer, tune
Kingfishers A clique, concentration, crown, rattle, realm
Woodpeckers A descent, descension, drumming, fall, gatling
Sapsuckers A slurp
Flickers A guttering, menorah, Peterson
Pileated Woodpeckers A crown
Kestrels A flight, hover, soar
Merlins A brace, leash, illusion
Falcons A bazaar, cadge, cast
Perching Birds
Flycatchers An outfield, swatting, zapper, zipper
Pewees A dribble, squirt
Kingbirds A coronation, court, tyranny
Shrikes An abattoir, watch
Vireos A call
Red-eyed Vireos A hangover
Jays and Crows
Jays A band, cast, party, scold
Crows A cauldron, caucus, congress, cowardice, horde, hover, mob, murder,
muster, parcel, storytelling
Ravens A bazaar, congress, conspiracy, constable, rant, scatter, unkindness
Larks An ascension, chattering, exaltation, happiness, spring, springful
Swallows and Martins
Purple Martins A colony, richness
Swallows A flight, gulp, herd, kettle, richness, swoop
Tree Swallows A stand
Bank Swallows A foreclosure
Barn Swallows A kettle
Chickadees A banditry, dissimulation
Nuthatches A jar
Creepers A sleeze, spiral
Wrens A chime, herd
Kinglets A castle, court, dynasty, princedom
Thrushes A mutation
Robins A worm
Mockingbirds and Thrashers
Catbirds A mewing, seat
Mockingbirds An echo, exactness, impression,plagiary, precision, ridicule
Starlings A chattering, cloud, clutter, congregation, constellation, filth,
murmuration, scourge, vulgarity
Waxwings An ear-full, museum
Snow Buntings A drift
Ovenbirds A stew
Warblers A bouquet, confusion, fall, wrench
Black-and-white Warblers A dichotomy, distinction, integration
Mourning Warblers A wake
Magnolia Warblers A corsage
Yellow Warblers A stream, sweetness, trepidation
Palm Warblers A reading
Pine Warblers A cone
New World Sparrows
Towhees A tangle, teapot
Sparrows, Juncoes A crew, flutter, host, meinie, quarrel, tribe, ubiquity
American Tree Sparrows A grove
Chipping Sparrows A tournament
Field Sparrows A crue
Vesper Sparrows A congregation, liturgy
Fox Sparrows A den, flock, slyness
Song Sparrows A choir, chorus
Cardinals and Grosbeaks
Tanagers A season
Cardinals A college, conclave, deck, radiance, Vatican
Grosbeaks (ex.Rose-breasted) A gross
Buntings A decoration, mural, sacrifice
Bobolinks A chain
Blackbirds A cloud, cluster, grind, merl
Cowbirds A corral, herd
Orioles A pitch, split
Finches A charm, company, trembling, trimming
House Finches A development
Crossbills A crookedness, warp
Redpolls A gallup
Goldfinches A 007, charm, chattering, drum, glister, rush, treasury, troubling, vein
Grosbeaks (ex. Pine,
A gross
Old World Sparrows
House Sparrows A blight, humiliation, subdivision
Flamingos A flamboyance
Peacocks An ostentation
Otters A romp
Porcupines A prickle
Raccoons A mask
Skunks A stench