Don’t be scared of chattering in your chimney! 

Chimney Swifts

Chimney Swift

The Chimney Swift, listed as a threatened species in Canada, is a small swallow-like migratory bird that nests and roosts in chimneys. Swift nests may not remain well attached to the inside brick of a poorly maintained chimney. A nest could fall from where it was attached on the inside of a chimney into the fireplace or, if the damper is closed, onto the damper.

Should a Chimney Swift be returned to the chimney? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the bird have feather shafts or feathers?
  • Is the bird chattering?
  • Is the bird able to cling upright to a towel or to the surface of a cage?

If you answered “YES” to these questions and the bird is in good condition, gently pick up the bird and replace it in the chimney above the damper. Its parents will not go below the damper to get it.

If you answer “NO” to any of these questions, call us at 450-458-2809, ext. 1. Chimney Swifts are fragile birds and will require assistance as soon as possible.

Remember: It is a federal offence to remove or disturb Chimney Swifts, their nests, eggs, or young.

Other Birds

Other birds, especially starlings, are known to fall down chimneys and get caught in the damper or fall into the fireplace. They will announce their presence by loud twittering and fluttering. These birds are unable to fly up the chimney again, and must be helped out of the chimney and out of the house.

How to free a bird from your chimney:

  • Close off the room, and keep all children and pets away.
  • Darken the room by closing blinds, doors, etc., leaving only one exit (open a window or door as much as possible to create a large, bright and sunny direction) for the bird to fly out.
  • Leave the room or hide quietly. Chasing the bird will cause the bird stress and could result in its death. Be patient. It might take an hour or two for the bird to relax and find its way out.


If you have had birds trapped in your chimney in the past, please call Le Nichoir at 450-458-2809, ext. 1, or send us an email at to work out possible solutions.