Giving a gift of Education

17842060243_86a8fec173_mExperiences play a key role in inspiring youth to become more involved and take an active interest in conserving wildlife including birds. Why not consider giving a child you know the unique opportunity of having a wildlife biologist come to his or her very own class for a hands-on education program? These interactive programs encourage children to explore the field of bird biology and discover the environment that surrounds them.

Le Nichoir’s education programs “Bird Adaptations: Custom-made for Habitat” and “Avian detectives” are intended for children in grades 3-6 (with a maximum of 30 participants).

The bonus of giving one of our programs as a gift is that it is the gift that keeps giving! Not only will it offer this opportunity to one child but to a classroom of children.

All programs require a consent form signed by the teacher prior to purchase. For more information concerning this form, program charges and availability please contact