Children’s Program

Try one of our programs and teach your class or group more about birds and the environment that surrounds them.

All of our programs are interactive and hands-on to create a memorable experience for children.

Programs can be given at Le Nichoir’s conservation centre in Hudson or at your location.

Programs at Le Nichoir include a visit to our bird care facility.

We also offer an optional add on activity in the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve adjacent to Le Nichoir to allow children to explore and connect further with nature.

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Bird Adaptations: Custom-made for Habitat

Age: 6-14 years old
Grade: 1 to 7
Maximum group size: 30 participants

Discover why birds have different beaks, feet and wings. Is it because of their food? Because of where they live? And why is habitat so important to birds? This interactive program teaches children about bird’s adaptations using prepared specimens and tools they can manipulate. Preparatory and review activities are available.

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Bird Adaptations: Custom-made for Habitat


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The development of this program was supported by:

Mountain Equipment Co-opTD Friends of the Environment Foundation


This program is sponsored by:

Bird Protection Quebec

Avian Detectives

Age: 8-14 years old
Grade: 3 to 7
Maximum group size: 30 participants

How does a rehabilitation centre work? Why do wild birds become injured? This program encourages children to use their imagination by becoming detectives in order to answer these questions and solve real cases from Le Nichoir’s patients.

Multiple case studies will be provided to the children including the use of x-rays and specimens such as prepared wings and feet.

Preparatory and review activities are available.


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Avian Detectives

What is a bird?

Age: 4-5 years old
Grade: Pre-K and K
Maximum group size: 20 participants

The program What is a Bird? is an initiation into the fascinating world of birds for children 4 and 5 years old.

Using puppet stories, games and creative activities, the program is designed to introduce the children to what makes birds so unique and different from other animals.

Optional activity ideas and material are available to prepare the group in advance or for follow-up activities.

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