New Centre Project Update

Lease Signing October 2012We are extremely happy to announce that thanks to the support of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Town of Hudson, Le Nichoir has signed a 99-year lease, which formalizes our occupancy of the buildings and land at 637 Main Road, and will allow for the construction of the new centre. The future of Le Nichoir, at what has been our home since 1995, is now assured.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Town of Hudson for their efforts in make this long term lease a reality.

Earlier this year, we expanded the New Centre Project planning to include the construction of an innovative and much needed multi-unit aviary for songbirds and insectivorous birds. With the signing of this lease and the generosity of donors, including many individuals, TD Friends of the Environment, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and Greygates Foundation construction of the new aviary will get underway as soon as the weather permits.

The Flowers for Feathers program run by Dr. Amanda Glew has contributed over $10,000 to the New Centre Building Fund and will continue again in 2013.

This summer, Le Nichoir very successfully participated in Jamieson Vitamins’ “Call For the Wild!” donation challenge program. Five Canadian wildlife and wilderness organizations were chosen to share in a $100,000 fund. Enthusiastic public voting resulted in Le Nichoir receiving $37,248 for our New Centre Building Fund. That grant moves Le Nichoir one more step towards building a new rehabilitation and education centre in Hudson.

With the long-term lease now signed, the new multi-unit aviary scheduled for construction and more than 60% of the New Centre Building Fund in place Le Nichoir will continue to focus its efforts on raising the remaining funds required to begin construction of the new centre.

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Image courtesy of the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Woot Woot! An enormous thank you!

Call for the Wild Thank You

The Call for the Wild! results are in and Le Nichoir received 36,417 votes which translates to a grant of $37,248 from Jamieson Vitamins. This is a huge grant for Le Nichoir and it will be well spent.

We would like to thank Jamieson Vitamins for their very generous support of Canadian wildlife and wilderness projects and in particular for their grant to Le Nichoir in support of our New Centre Project.

The amount of the grant however is due solely to the overwhelming support Le Nichoir received from all those people who voted for us and often on a daily basis. Thank you!

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and Board of Le Nichoir allow us to thank you just one more time for all those 36,417 votes these last 35 days.

Only 5 more days of voting

Call for the Wild!
Wednesday September 12
After 30 days of public voting from across Canada and beyond Le Nichoir is very well placed in Jamieson Vitamins $100,000 Call for the Wild! public voting competition.

Many of you have been voting for Le Nichoir every day since August 13th and we are truly touched by your support. Thank you and please keep voting.

If you haven’t voted today CLICK HERE to place your vote

These next 5 days are our last opportunity to maximize our share of the Jamieson grant, which now stands at over $37,000. The contest ends on Sunday. The grant will be put towards the construction of the new centre and puts us one big step closer to our goal of a year round home.

You can vote once a day for the next 5 days. Want a daily reminder? CLICK HERE and we will send you short daily reminders with a direct link to vote.

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and Board of Le Nichoir a huge thank you for your support.

Big news!

Call for the Wild!
Jamieson Vitamins has included us in a project that will allow Canadians to choose how 100,000 dollars will be shared between five worthy environmental organizations. Jamieson will allow you to vote for Le Nichoir once a day, every day until September 16, 2012 at (no need to have a Facebook page to vote).

Voting is underway!

To place your vote, CLICK HERE.

Want a daily reminder? CLICK HERE and we will send you short daily reminders until the end of the voting period to make sure we keep the excitement level high. (Thank you for your commitment if you have already signed up)

The $100,000 will be divided based on the percentage of votes each organization receives. If Le Nichoir receives 1% of the vote, it will be awarded $1,000. But if the Centre receives 50% of the votes, that translates to $50,000. So every vote counts!

Le Nichoir is the hummingbird of the campaign, and as the smallest organization, the Centre needs [Read more…]

Help birds prepare for the journey south

BluebirdMost of us may be busy unpacking from our summer holiday, but for many of the birds currently roaming the Quebec skies, the travel season is just about to start.

As fall approaches, many songbirds and insectivorous species, like hummingbirds, Red-winged Blackbirds, swifts and swallows, begin the process of preparing for migration to the southern United States, Mexico, the Caribbean or even further into Central and South America. The preparation process, which starts as early as August and can last up to three weeks, is crucial for helping birds to survive the long journey south.

Help birds get in top-feather condition for migration by following these simple steps. [Read more…]

From house pet to soaring raven

Common ravenIn late summer 2011, Le Nichoir received a juvenile Common Raven that had been found as a fledgling and kept as a house pet for three months. The bird was habituated to humans, so the Centre could not release it until it developed a fear of people.

Although Le Nichoir does not usually transfer birds to foster homes, it was in the best interest of the raven to place it in the care of Jim Doyle, a professional licensed falconer who has worked closely with the Centre in the past. Le Nichoir was confident that Jim had the skills and training to do a successful slow release. In his care, the bird could fly free during this process instead of being in a flight cage at Le Nichoir.

Over the next several months, [Read more…]

Annual Open House July 14

Canneton colvertEveryone is welcome to attend our annual open house Saturday, July 14th from 10 am until 2 pm. Watch birds being hand fed, go bird watching in the Clarke-Sydenham reserve, observe birds being released (weather permitting), children’s activities, watch a bird banding demonstration by the McGill Bird Observatory, take a tour of the centre, talk to people from Urban Animal Advocates and see the fabulous bird houses made by Michel Desrosiers. Members of the Club ornithologique Vaudreuil-Soulanges will be with us too. BBQ lunch available from 11 am until 1:30 pm. More information available at 450 458 2809. Press Release

Meet us at the Beaconsfield Pet Fair

Sunday July 8th we will be participating in the Beaconsfield Pet Fair in the Beaurepaire Village between 11 am and 3 pm. Visit Le Nichoir’s educational table to learn more about wild birds in your back yard, and come meet other non-profits dedicated to helping both wildlife and domestic animals.

Charity Pot Party this Saturday

Saturday, June 23rd the LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics store at 4067, rue Saint-Denis will be hosting a Charity Pot Party from noon until 5 pm for Le Nichoir. LUSH is a generous supporter of Le Nichoir’s new multi-unit aviary project. Volunteers from Le Nichoir will be on hand to talk about the aviary project and our up coming Open House. We look forward to seeing you there!

Green Team in Action

QuiltThe Mount Pleasant Elementary School Green Team in Hudson, QC have been working on an ambitious recycling project for the past several months. Using fabric sourced from gently-used shirts donated by the Green Team members, over 60 students in Grades 3 to 6 (as well as a few crafty parent volunteers!) have lovingly constructed and stitched a beautiful, twin size quilt.

The Green Team members are selling raffle tickets for the fabulous quilt to raise money for Le Nichoir. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. The draw will be held on the last day of school (June 22, 2012) and anyone interested in learning more about the Green Team or purchasing a raffle ticket can contact Becky 450 458 9955 or