New Visitor Experience at Le Nichoir

Summer is coming and so are the busiest times at the centre. While we work hard to care for the high volume of birds received during the hot season, we invite you to come and visit us. We have worked all winter to improve your visit at the centre. We have added interpretive panels around the facilities and created a series of great tools for you to learn about the centre and its patients.

During the summer months, an educator will be on-site during some days to offer visitors a free guided tour of the facilities. On days when an educator is not available, our self-guided tours are just as interesting and informative.

Visitors are welcome to drop by anytime during our opening hours but if you are looking for an activity, make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook and website; we have a series of upcoming outdoor activities and seminars for all ages on a variety of topics.

Education plays a big role in Le Nichoir’s mission. We want visitors to to see and understand our work as much as possible. Le Nichoir is also a place to learn about birds in general, their fascinating natural history and amazing diversity and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Our hope is that you will walk away the head full of new knowledge about birds but also with tools and ideas to help their conservation at home and beyond.

Fonds innovation et développement touristique

This project was made possible by Développement Vaudreuil-Soulanges and the Fonds de développement et d’innovation touristique (FIDT) of the MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges.


Throughout the month of May …

Rigaud - Site ornithologique d'exception

Rigaud Mountain stands in an area that is considered the warmest in Quebec. It’s known as one of the richest birdwatching areas in Quebec with over 250 species visiting the mountain and 150 of these actually nesting on the mountain.

Throughout the month of May, most species are returning to their breeding sites and many can be seen performing their courtship rituals to impress the females.

The Club ornithologique Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Le Nichoir and the Sentiers de L’escapade have come together to offer you a series of activities to help you discover the richness of the Rigaud Mountain and the birds that inhabit it.

  • Build a birdhouse – May 4 – Presented by Le Nichoir
  • Birdwatching during the spring nesting period –  May 11 – Presented by Club ornithologique Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Songs and sounds – May 18 – Presented by Le Nichoir
  • Migration – May 21 – Presented by Le Nichoir
  • The birds of our backyards – May 30 – Presented by Club ornithologique Vaudreuil-Soulanges


A Taste of Hudson Raises $87,000

The 2019 edition of A Taste of Hudson this past Saturday was an unprecedented success. The event raised just over $87,000 in support of Le Nichoir’s bird care and environmental education programs.

The list of those to thank for making it possible is long but we begin by thanking Whitlock Golf and Country Club for hosting the event. A more perfect venue would be hard to find.

Thank you once again to Le Nichoir’s volunteer Catherine Jarjour for the great images!

Download a copy of the event booklet here

This event was such a success because of a very long list of people, companies and organizations. We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of them!

Thank you ….

To the 142 guests who came out in support of Le Nichoir and who bid and gave so generously throughout the evening.

To the talented chefs who created such a feast.

La Tablée de chefs (

Carrément Gourmand (

Carambola (

Les moulins La Fayette (

Merveilles sans Gluten (Facebook)

Auberge Willow Inn (www.

Café Marmelade (Facebook)

Que de Bonnes Choses (

Whitlock Golf and Country Club (

Trattoria Lanni (

Meat & More (

Cunninghams Pub Hudson (

Daboom! Desserts (

Totem Roasters

La Maison du Défricheur (

To Stewart Gunyon, Geoff Mitchell and Andrew Skowronski for the great music.

To Wanda Bray who once again created the most beautiful centrepieces which were auctioned off at the end of the evening.


To our amazing Master of Ceremonies – Elias Makos.

To Robin Pridham of Pridham’s Auction House for the lively and very successful auction.

To Michael Lawrence who led the guests through a record breaking Special Appeal in support of Le Nichoir’s aquatic bird care program.

To the numerous individuals and companies who gave so generously to ensure our auction tables had such a wide variety of beautiful and creative items for our guests to bid on.

To the dedicated volunteers who pulled it all together and created such a memorable evening.

Annie Belhumeur, Anakin Benssoussin, Jessica Cadieux, Cynthia Chesmer, Jesse Deluca, Gail Dunlop, Charlie Dupras, Johanne Gravel, Martin Jackson, Catherine Jarjour,Veronica Jensen, Janine Johnson, Peter Kosiuk, Hannah Legault, Juliana Lisi, Glenn MacIssac, Lynley Nakano, Johanne Oolman, Christina Pagé, Lorry Portela, Rafaela Rose, Kathy Rowe, Stephan Saplywj, Amanda Scholefield, Diane Séguin.


To our most generous Event Sponsors








Tickets on sale!

A Taste of Hudson

Whitlock Golf and Country Club will be the host of our A Taste of Hudson fundraising dinner and auction on Saturday, March 30th.

A Taste of Hudson is our leading event to raise the funds needed to run the Conservation Centre.

A Taste of Hudson will spotlight the talents of area chefs who have come together to show their support of Le Nichoir by offering our guests a veritable feast

Saturday March 30 2019

Whitlock Golf and Country Club
(128 Côte Saint-Charles, Hudson)

5:30 pm appetizers, cash bar & music
6:30 pm dinner

Silent and Live auctions

$125 ($75 tax receipt available)

A beautiful venue, fabulous food, loaded auction tables – Come out and show your support for Le Nichoir and our conservation programs.

Tickets can be reserved by calling Le Nichoir at 450 458 2809.

Family Activity – Build a Bird House – March 7

Build a bird house

For March Break, Le Nichoir is organizing a workshop for you and your family to build your own bird house. The construction is easy and simple for children who will be able to keep their work and hang it in at home

Two workshops will be offered, one in morning, one in afternoon.

Note that the activity includes using hammers and nails, parents are expected to be supervising their children at all times.

Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809 x 3 or

When: Thursday March 7

Time: Morning workshop: 9:30 am to 12 pm
Afternoon workshop: 1:30 pm to 4 pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: 8$

Taste of Hudson 2019

A Taste of Hudson

2019 Newsletter

We would like to share with you our 2019 Newsletter.

Download your copy here

Le Nichoir News 2019

Family Activity – Bird Homes – Saturday February 2

Family activity- Bird Homes – February 2

Where do birds live? Do they all sleep in trees, in nest boxes or do they have dens?

Come join one of Le Nichoir’s biologists for a walk in the Clarke Sydenham nature reserve for a series of fun activities for all ages.

Note that part of the activity will be held outdoor, dress according to the weather.

Space is limited. Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809 ext 3 or

When: Saturday February 2

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: 5$


Other activities 2019

May 11 – Sounds and songs Learn to recognize some of the common sounds of spring.

July 6 – Colours Why is the cardinal red, the jay blue and the dove brown? Explore the variety of colours displayed by birds and the reasons behind it.

September 28 – A bird year Explore what happens during the first year of a bird from its birth until it has babies.


Seminar – Winter Birds – Tuesday January 29

Seminar - Winter Birds - Tuesday January 29

Discover the bird species that spend the winter in this area and their adaptations to survive the cold.

Note this presentation will be given in French with a bilingual question period.

Space is limited. Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809  ext 3 or

When: Tuesday, January 29

Time: 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: 5$


Other seminars 2019

March 26 – Planting for birds (French) Make any yard more attractive and safer for wild birds through planting

June 4 – Pollinators (English) Most of us know that pollinators are an important part of the ecosystem but did you know that not only bees pollinate? Learn about the importance and variety of pollinating animals.

October 8 – Feeding Birds (English) How to create an attractive and safe yard for wild birds.

Annual Campaign 2018

Because birds are nature’s voice and they need a helping hand

With your support we can offer that helping hand with knowledge, skill, compassion and kindness


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November 2018

When you find an injured bird, where do you turn? Probably to Le Nichoir. We are here to help when you find a bird in distress.

When you care enough to call us and to transport a bird to the Centre, our team of wildlife biologists, students, interns and volunteers are committed to providing helpful advice and compassionate and professional care.

Every fall we invite caring people like you to show support for the work we do at Le Nichoir.

An injured Canada Goose was found on a nest incubating her eggs. She had a fishhook and fishing line embedded in her neck. When her mate was nearby, the goose was captured and brought to Le Nichoir. The vets at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital were able to remove the fishing gear and after a recovery period at Le Nichoir the goose was successfully reunited with the eggs and her mate.

And, 3 weeks later …

Canada GooseCanada Geese

In early June a juvenile Common Raven was admitted for care after being hit by a train. The raven had suffered a severe wing injury. Shortly after, a second juvenile raven was admitted and the two recuperated from their injuries for several weeks before being released together in September.

Ravens at Le Nichoir

A day old Wild Turkey suffered severe damage to its leg after being attacked by a cat. On admission we weren’t sure if the wounds would cause permanent damage to his leg. But, following a week of intensive care, the young turkey was standing and able to run. A month later, the turkey was released into a new adoptive family of Wild Turkeys.

Young Wild Turkey

Just 3 of the nearly 2,000 birds stories we could tell you this year

Did you know?

  • Over 90% of our budget comes from individual donations and fundraising activities.
  • Over 100 different species of birds are brought to the Centre each year.
  • Our biologists will have responded to over 12,000 emails and phone calls this year.
  • Last year, 165 volunteers donated over 7,275 hours to help care for the birds.
  • Individuals from nearly 200 municipalities have brought birds to Le Nichoir for care this year.
  • Almost every admission is due to an unfortunate human impact.

In addition to being here 364 days a year, when you call us for advice or you admit a bird for care we also invest our resources in education.

Education is key to conserving bird populations and their habitats. At Le Nichoir we use our unique perspective on the impact human activity has on wild birds to develop and deliver 3 interactive education programs for children: Bird Adaptations – Custom made for Habitat, Avian Detectives and for very young children – What is a Bird?

Our goal is to create in children an understanding, an interest and a desire to conserve wild birds.

TD ClassroomMicroscope

Your gift will help make our unique education programs available to more Quebec children – an investment for the future of our local birds.

You are part of the important community who make Le Nichoir’s commitment to conserving our local birds a reality. Today and tomorrow. Thank you for your trust and for making a gift during this campaign.


Weiyi Liu, Jo-Annie Gagnon, Amanda Smith and all of us at Le Nichoir

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