New curbside pick-up service

Le Nichoir is happy to announce a new curbside pick-up service for purchases from our on-site La Plume Verte store. You’ve still got time to prepare for feeding birds throughout the fall and winter! All our most popular items are available, including a variety of seeds, feeders and accessories. For details and photos of the items, visit our Facebook page.

Curbside Pick-up:

To place an order, email or call 450-458-2809, ext. 6. Your order will be processed once we receive your payment. Payments can only be made by phone.

Within 24 hours of payment, your order will be processed. We will send you an email when it is available for pick-up. We will label your order and leave it in the vestibule at Le Nichoir (637 Main road, Hudson). You must retrieve it within 48 hours.

Orders placed through the online La Plume Verte store will be subject to shipping costs, as usual.


Weekly food deliveries helps offset grocery bills

Locals have been helping us feed our bird patients throughout the summer with regular donations of grapes, watermelons, oranges, and other items. Tracy Gallacher led the charge, pulling the community together to provide invaluable support for Le Nichoir during COVID-19. A big thank you to Bill Andricopoulos, Ross McDonald, and Kurt Snyder for the amazing team effort!

As good as new

On July 20, 2020, a Wildlife Officer for Environment and Climate Change Canada arrived at Le Nichoir with a Common Nighthawk, an insect-eating bird that is threatened in Canada. The Officer had been contacted by the concerned citizen who had found the bird.

The juvenile nighthawk was underweight and had a fractured lower mandible, which caused its beak to be misaligned. To encourage the beak to heal in the correct position, the biologists at the Centre stabilized the nighthawk’s beak with a bandage every night, and handfed the bird during the day. After three weeks, their efforts were rewarded: on August 12th the nighthawk was returned to the wild with a beak looking good as new!

Hats Off!

We are into our busy, bird-care season and admissions are running significantly ahead of 2019, which was already a record year! Perhaps because people are staying home, they are more apt to notice a Northern Flicker has hit a window and lies injured on the ground or a baby Cardinal has fallen from its nest. Whatever the reason, as I write this note, we are successfully caring for well over 400 birds at the Centre.

How are we coping? As described more fully below, we have brought back a limited number of volunteers and have set up a second kitchen in our classroom to feed the overcapacity crowd. Although it may appear slightly chaotic from the outside, it’s working surprisingly well. A huge “thank you!” and hats off to our extraordinary staff and our amazing volunteers!

Another important thank you is called for: In March, we were forced to cancel our biggest fundraiser and have now reluctantly cancelled our August fundraiser, the Festival of Birds and Nature. Despite the difficult economic times, our donors are stepping up with steadily increasing online donations. Some have even organized local fundraising projects for us! We are not out of the woods yet but this increased giving is helping a lot. Thank you and hats off to our wonderfully generous donors!




Wendy Dollinger, President

Please leave us a message

This spring, we redesigned the Wild Bird Helpline service to better serve you with detailed instructions on how to handle a variety of emergency bird situations. Please take the time to carefully listen to the options and information provided.

If you don’t hear the answers or information you are looking for, and you need to reach our bird care staff, simply leave us a message. Press #9 (for English), #1 for bird-related calls, and then #5. We will be happy to help you.