Tuesday May 8th Seminar – Chicks and nestlings – how birds raise their young

Tuesday May 8th

Seminar – Chicks and nestlings – how birds raise their young

Chicks and nestlings

Early May is the time when the birds are coming back to their breeding territories and when some, like the cardinals, have already started nesting. To celebrate spring, we will be offering a presentation on the challenges birds have to face to successfully raise their chicks.

Note this presentation will be given in English with a bilingual question period.

Space is limited. Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809 or education@lenichoir.org

When: May 8th, 2018

Time: 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: 5$

A Taste of Hudson Raises $77,000

A Taste of Hudson 2018

The 2018 edition of A Taste of Hudson this past Saturday was a roaring success. Hosted by Whitlock Golf and Country Club, a group of amazingly generous individuals and companies raised just over $77,000 in support of Le Nichoir’s bird care and environmental education programs.

View pictures from the event here

Thank you once again to Le Nichoir’s volunteer Catherine Jarjour for the great images!

Download a copy of the event booklet here

This event was such a success because of a very long list of people, companies and organizations. We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of them!

Thank you ….

To the directors, members and staff of Whitlock Golf and Country Club for hosting the event. The beautiful surroundings, friendly and professional staff set the tone for the evening.

To the 146 guests who came out in support of Le Nichoir and who bid and gave so generously throughout the evening.

To the talented chefs who created such a feast.

The chefs at A Taste of Hudson 2018

Keith Wells – Mackoli Catering

Jessika Menard – Le Cozy Café

Shaun Hughes – Auberge Willow Inn

Cunningham’s Pub Hudson

James Mitchell – House of James Mitchell

Whitlock Golf and Country Club

Gwen Giberson – Que de Bonnes Choses

Daniel Fata – Meat and More

Daboom! Desserts

La Maison du Défricheur

Carl Dubé and Nancy Kaudel – Totem Roasters

A Taste of Hudson Table CentreTo Stewart Gunyon, Geoff Mitchell and Andrew Skowronski for the great music.

To Wanda Bray who once again created the most beautiful centrepieces which were auctioned off to raise money to send Le Nichoir’s education coordinator to a conference this fall.

To our amazing Master of Ceremonies – Elias Makos.

To Robin Pridham of Pridham’s Auction House for the lively and very successful auction.

To Kirstin Lachance for the eloquent plea for Summer Educators.

To Michael Lawrence who led the guests in a fast paced and often hilarious record setting slide down auction.

To the numerous individuals and companies who gave so generously to ensure our auction tables had such a wide variety of beautiful and creative items for our guests to bid on.

To the dedicated volunteers who pulled it all together and created such a memorable evening:

Annie Belhumeur, Anakin Benssoussen, Jessica Cadieux, Cynthia Chesmer, Judi Collinge, Hilary Dempsey, Gail Dunlop,Charlie Durpas, Susi Filsner, Johanne Gravel, Abigail Humphreys, Kevin Ilaqua, Martin Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Catherine Jarjour, Veronica Jensen, Janine Johnson, Kirstin Lachance, Glenn MacIsaac, Domenic Montagano, Lynley Nakano, Johanne Oolman, Christina Pagé, Sabrina Robert, Roxana Robles, Kathy Rowe, Stephan Saplywyj, Audrey Saumure di fruscia, Amanda Schofield, Diane Seguin, Elaine Serafini, Ryan Veitch, Jenny Zhu.

To our most generous Event Sponsors


The Country GardenerEspace ContructionWayside Inspection Devices


Whitlock Gold and Country ClubRaymond James
 Promutuel Kocisko Groupe
 IGA Hudson Hudson Animal Hospital
Pridham's Auction House


 Skedaddle NordFab Lee Thompson
 Conciergerie MontrealLCA Timberlea Veterinary Clinic
 Kocisko Info-solutions inc Hawkesbury Ford C. Frappier Électrique inc.
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Tickets on Sale – A Taste of Hudson 2018 – SOLD OUT

A Taste of Hudson 2018

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Wednesday February 7th – Seminar – Bird couples

Wednesday February 7th

Seminar – Bird couples

Seminar- Bird Couples

Just in time for Valentine’s day, come to the centre to learn about bird couples and the courtships of the bird world. Ever wondered if birds really mate for life? How do they choose their mate? One of our biologists will be there to answer these questions and more.

Note that this presentation will be given in French with a bilingual question period.

Space is limited. Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809 or education@lenichoir.org

When: February 7th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: 5$

Family activity – Finding food in the winter

Saturday February 3rd

Family activity – Finding food in the winter

Family activity- Finding food in the winter

For birds, the hardest part of winter is not the cold but the lack of food. Some species have solved this problem by migrating south, but those that stay had to find other ways. Come join one of Le Nichoir’s biologists for a walk in the Clarke Sydenham nature reserve for a series of fun activities for all ages to learn about how birds survive the cold season.

Note that part of the activity will be held outdoor, dress according to the weather. Bring your snowshoes!

To make sure everyone can enjoy this activity, there is no fixed cost for this activity; you donate what you can.

Reservation required by phone 450 458 2809 or education@lenichoir.org

When: Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Time: 10am to 12:30pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: Donation of any amount

Flowers For Feathers

Flowers for Feathers

Annual Campaign

Do Birds Matter?

We believe they do. And, we believe you do to. 

When you find an injured bird, where do you turn to? Probably Le Nichoir. We are here to help when you find a bird in distress.

You care enough to call us and to transport birds to the Centre. Our team of wildlife biologists, students and volunteers are committed to providing helpful advice and compassionate and professional care to every wild bird brought to us.

Every fall we invite caring people like you to show support for the work we do at Le Nichoir.

Your gift during this annual campaign is extremely important to us because it allows us to continue to be here for you and for the birds in 2018.  Over 90% of our budget comes from individual donations and fundraising activities.



A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was admitted for care after colliding with a window. To mimic an optimal natural diet, she was fed a customized blend of sugars, proteins and other nutrients every 30 minutes. After a 2 week recovery period she was released to continue her life.


Amazingly, a tenacious goose recently pierced by an arrow succeeded in raising a clutch of goslings on an area golf course before being caught and admitted to Le Nichoir for care. X-rays showed that in addition to the arrow, the goose had also been shot several times. The goose was transferred to the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital where a team of vets performed surgery to remove the arrow. The goose was subsequently cared for at Le Nichoir while it recuperated. It was banded and released in late August.

Chipping Sparrow
An exhausted and dehydrated Chipping Sparrow caught on a sticky trap was brought to Le Nichoir.  It took fluid therapy and several hours of repeated careful washings with a toothbrush to remove the glue. The sparrow was banded and released.

Just 3 of the over 1,800 bird stories we could tell so far this year…

Did you know?

  • Over 100 different species of birds are brought to the Centre each year.
  • Our biologists will have responded to over 12,000 emails and phone calls this year.
  • Last year, 154 volunteers donated over 5,700 hours to help care for the birds.
  • Individuals from over 180 Quebec municipalities have brought birds to Le Nichoir for care this year.
  • Almost every admission is due to an unfortunate human impact.

In addition to being here 365 days a year when you call us for advice or you admit a bird for care, we also invest our resources into education.

Education at Le Nichoir

Education is key to conserving bird populations and their habitats.

At Le Nichoir we use our unique perspective on the impact human activity has on wild birds to develop and deliver 3 interactive education programs for children: Bird Adaptations – Custom made for Habitat, Avian Detectives and for very young children – What is a Bird?

Our goal is to create in children an understanding, an interest and a desire to conserve wild birds.

Your gift will help make our unique education programs available to more Quebec children – an investment for the future of our local birds.

You are part of the important community who make Le Nichoir’s commitment to conserving our local birds a reality. Today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your trust and for making a gift during this campaign.

Susan Wylie, B. Sc. Wildlife Biology
Executive Director

Jo-Annie Gagnon, B. Sc. Wildlife Biology
Education Coordinator

Weiyi Liu, B. Sc. Wildlife Biology
Operations Coordinator


Donate Now

Christmas Tree Sale

Christmas Tree Sale 2017

Seminar – Helping birds before the winter

Birds in Winter

Birds will soon enter the hardest time of the year for them. For those that migrate, migration is the most dangerous part of the year. For the species that evolved to stay, winter is harsh and food is scarce.

Is there anything we can do to help them survive? Should you remove or put a feeder? How do you make your yard a place where birds can rest and eat?

Le Nichoir is offering a seminar by one of our biologists to answer these questions and more. Come discuss with us and bring your questions!

The seminar will be given in English with a bilingual question period

Space is limited. Reserve your place at education@lenichoir.org or  450 458 2809


When: Wednesday, October 11th

Time: 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Where: Le Nichoir, 637 Main, Hudson J0P 1H0

Cost: $5

A Great Event – Thank you!

Open House 2017

This year Le Nichoir’s volunteers and staff changed the format of the Open House to offer more to visitors. The new Centre allowed a larger outdoor venue, and the weather could not have been more perfect.

Bird Protection Quebec, Club Ornithologique  de Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Joël Coutu led  bird watching tours every 30 minutes. And, for the first time, Le Nichoir also offered a series of workshops hosted by the David Suzuki Foundation, Morgan Arboretum and Joël Coutu.

The open house was a great opportunity to visit our new facility and experience first hand the Centre’s education program at the interactive education kiosk.

The event drew both new and familiar faces interested in observing Le Nichoir’s patients and meeting a variety of environmental organizations including Sierra Club Canada, Nature-Action Québec, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, COBAVER-VS and Chief Top Leaf.

The Hudson Fire Department and Le Nichoir’s volunteers were also there to give a hand.

A very big thank you to our sponsors and to the Town of Hudson for the use of their tents.


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