Montreal Gazette Article

The July 7th edition of the Montreal Gazette carried an article about Le Nichoir entitled ‘A Haven for Broken Wings’ by reporter Cheryl Cornacchia. The Gazette photographer Natasha Fillion took some great pictures around the centre. (July 2009)

Le Nichoir Opens for the 2009 Season

Le Nichoir opens the barn facility for the 2009 season on May 18. (May 2009)

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New Wild Bird Conservation Centre Project

New Wild Bird Conservation Centre Project announcement speech April 24, 2009

by Lynn Miller, B.Sc., Dipl. Ecotox., PhD candidate,

Co-Founder of Le Nichoir; Board of Directors International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

“I am very proud to officially launch the campaign for Le Nichoir’s New Wild Bird Conservation Centre Project. After 2 years of searching for a winterized location, the Board came to the conclusion that the best plan is to build a new facility on the Clarke-Sydenham Nature Reserve, where we are currently located in Hudson. I am pleased to show you the 3D image of the new center!

The New Centre will respect the natural attributes of the property. It is an impressive project – probably one of the most important in the history of avian conservation in Canada.

Inside the centre, there will be a reception area, intensive care and research units, several aviaries and a large classroom to accommodate youth groups and visitors. Naming opportunities will give our private and corporate partners a way to participate in this conservation legacy.

Our team is a cohesive group of dedicated people, striving to make a small part of our world better for wild birds and nature we are so passionate about. The thought of having an all year round facility to care for them, and a place to educate and inspire our youth is a dream come true.

Making our dream a reality involves many key partners and volunteers. I would like to invite Mayor Elizabeth Corker to say a few words about the subject:”

Mayor Corker: “I am proud to say that Hudson is for the birds! On behalf of Town Council, I congratulate Le Nichoir on being one of a kind in Canada as well as an integral and important part of the Hudson Community.

I must say that I didn’t quite appreciate what it is this facility did or even who the people were that ran it until I visited Le Nichoir last fall and got a personal tour from Lynne Miller and among other things, saw that duck who was recovering from his injuries. I guess you could say it was love at first sight!

Le Nichoir relies on the generosity of people like you and on the numerous volunteers to keep this centre operational. We are so proud to have this organization in our midst and hope that you will continue to support them as they kick off their fundraising campaign to build a new year-round rehabilitation centre on the existing site in Hudson. “

“Thank you Mrs. Corker for your support and for recognizing what Le Nichoir can do for conservation, for tourism and for the community. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following people and organizations:

  • Miss Marnie Clarke who donated her land to the Nature Conservancy of Canada;
  • Miss Clarke is represented by Mr. Frank Royle who is here tonight;
  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada – Bureau du Québec;
  • Dimension3 for the design and architectural work;
  • Merlik Graphics for the 3D imagery;
  • Impression Paragraph our printing partner.

Lastly, the New Centre Project would not be possible without volunteers who bring leadership and energy.

I hope that you will take the time to share this exciting announcement with family and friends. We look forward to establishing partnerships with individuals, corporations and organizations that can help Le Nichoir. We will also need new volunteers – please let us know if you want to join our dynamic team.

Chimney Swift Release

Climate change affects migration patterns forcing Le Nichoir to release 5 Chimney Swifts 700 km away from the centre. (September 2008)

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Le Nichoir Speaks out About Air Rifles

“These guns are not toys” exclaims Lynn Miller, expert in bird rehabilitation and one of the founders of Le Nichoir. A juvenile crow was admitted to the centre with a badly damaged wing. This was not the first time Le Nichoir has attempted to rehabilitate a bird that was injured by an air rifle. (July 2008)

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