Taste of Hudson 2020

A Taste of Hudson 2020

A quick stopover before heading to the Atlantic


Most of the patients currently at Le Nichoir are aquatic birds. More and more birds such as geese, ducks and gulls are overwintering in our region rather than migrating south and many diving species such as loons and grebes tend to migrate late in the winter.

One patient in particular, a Red-necked grebe, was recently transferred to Le Nichoir from another facility in Quebec. The grebe had been found grounded on wet pavement unable to fly.

On arrival at Le Nichoir our biologists, Susan and Weiyi, performed an examination and took x-rays. The bird was feisty and in perfect health. Not needing any care, the bird was well fed with fish and then released on open water shortly after his arrival.

Such situations are not unheard of for birds such as grebes as they are only able to take flight when on water. Occasionally they become stranded when they accidentally misinterpret wet pavement as a body of water as was the case with this bird.

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Susan, Jo-Annie, Weiyi and AmandaIf you were to find an injured bird, where would you turn? Probably, like many other people, to Le Nichoir. Every year, more than 12,000 concerned citizens like you contact our dedicated team of wildlife biologists, students and volunteers for helpful advice and compassionate, professional bird care.

While much of our day-to-day work is providing hands-on treatment to injured birds, our conservation work has at heart the long-term preservation of the habitat and welfare of wild birds.

In addition to responding to thousands of requests from the public for help with wild bird issues, our investment in environment education for young people is an important part of our efforts to meet this goal. We strive to foster in children the interest, understanding, and desire to conserve wild birds in the hopes that future generations will continue this work.

Every fall we invite caring people like you to show support for the work we do at Le Nichoir.

With your support, Le Nichoir will be able to continue lending a helping hand to distressed birds, and we will be equipped to make our unique education programs available to even more Quebec children – sound investments for the future of wild birds and, by extension, the health of our struggling environment.

You are part of the supportive community that makes Le Nichoir’s commitment to conserving wild birds a reality.

Thank you for your confidence in Le Nichoir and for making a gift this year.

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