Seminars and kiosks


Are you interested in wild birds and their conservation? If so, consider booking an adult seminar presented by Le Nichoir. Given by one of our wildlife biologists, our conferences are adapted for different audiences, and are available in French, English or both languages.


Prepare your yard for the birds

How can you attract wild birds to your garden? Where should you place your feeder, and what type of feeder and seed should you use? Learn which type of plants will attract different species of birds and what you can do to prepare your yard for them. These are all ways approved by Le Nichoir to prevent injuries and illnesses to our feathered friends. Different workshops are also available.


What do you do if you find an injured bird?

What should you do if you find an injured or orphaned wild bird? Does the bird really need rescuing? This conference will teach you how to identify whether a bird is injured or orphaned and what steps need to be taken. Also learn some easy ways of how you can contribute to wild bird conservation by helping birds on a daily basis.


Le Nichoir and the rehabilitation of wild birds

How does rehabilitation work? Did you know that it is illegal to care for native wild birds without a permit? Learn about Le Nichoir’s history and the different steps that occur during the rehabilitation process. This conference will teach you about the different contributions that wildlife rehabilitation has made to conservation, how a rehabilitation centre functions and what to do if you find an injured or orphaned wild bird.


You would like to have a conference on a subject not listed above? Please contact us and we might be able to help you.

Jo-Annie Gagnon – Education Program Coordinator
Phone: 450 458 2809



KioskVisit our Facebook education page for an updated list of events where Le Nichoir will have a kiosk or a conference open to the public.