It was an uneventful trip down to Louisiana, and my first time in New Orleans. The signs of Hurricane Katrina are still everywhere, from the new houses side by side with abandoned wrecks with holes in the roofs from people hacking their way to safer ground on top of their homes. It is hard to imagine that another blow of immense proportions is happening.

Everyone on the team arrived on the Thursday and met at the Maison Dupuy in New Orleans for our first get-together that evening. It was rapidly apparent that Deb Parsons-Drake, Senior Director, HSUS Animal Care Centers had assembled a very special team. Laura Bevan has worked with logistical activities for the HSUS including a great deal of work through Hurricane Katrina. Sharon Young has worked on the Marine mammal issues at many levels. Barry Kellogg, a senior veterinarian from HSUS has extensive training and knowledge of disaster work (another Katrina vet) caring for the nimals and wildlife devastated by these events. Jim Reed is a very knowledgeable habitat biologist. Ed Clark, whom I first met in 1986, is from the Wildlife Center of Virginia and very involved in the rehabilitation of wildlife. It was going to be a privilege to work with these people – I knew I would learn a great deal.

My first impression of New Orleans – HOT!!!! And humid. The thermometer read 93F – add 10 degrees for the humidity – I was dripping every time I stepped outside.