Nouvelle volière The Project
Part of the New Centre Project, the new aviary was designed specifically for the flight requirements of the over 1,000 songbirds and insectivorous birds brought to Le Nichoir each year. Aviaries play a critical role in the rehabilitation process. They allow birds to develop the strong flight muscles needed for migration and survival in the wild.

The aviary will be located behind the existing aquatic aviaries to the south east of the main barn and well shaded from view.

J.E. Hodgson Construction of Hudson has been awarded the contract to build the major part of the aviary.

The schedule
Construction will begin in June. The project has 3 components: Cement foundation, central breezeway and individual aviaries. The foundation and breezeway are to be completed within 7 weeks and the aviaries will be completed this summer.

Impact of the construction
The trail that traverses our property will be closed this summer. Once construction is complete and in cooperation with the Town of Hudson, we will evaluate the options to reopen a replacement connector trail behind the new aviary. We thank you for your understanding.

The foundation work will necessitate heavy equipment on the site for several days in the early stages of the project.

Access to the Barn may be difficult at times. We will have alternate parking arrangements in place if need be.

There will be more people than usual on site this summer as volunteers will be helping with the construction of the individual aviaries.

The aviary will significantly improve the quality of life of the birds in our care and increase the probability of their successful release.

For more information about the project please visit this link or call us at 450 458 2809. Thank you for your support!