Équipe Le NichoirTwo years ago, Team Le Nichoir participated for the first time in le Grand Défi and despite a cold wet day, was able to observe 46 species and ranked 9th overall for the total amount of money raised to support bird conservation. Last year, we observed 49 species and raise over 1100$ ranking 8th.  Can we break our record again?  We believe we can! But, we need your help.

Our team’s goal this year is to raise $1200 and observe 50 species.  Sponsoring our team is easy. You can pledge an amount per species observed by our team over the 24-hour period or, a fixed amount to support our participation.  Our Défi will start on Friday the 16th at 7pm and will last until the next day same time. Some of our team members will even spend the night on-site in the hopes of adding some nocturnal birds like owls or woodcocks to the list.

The Grand Défi QuebecOiseaux is a friendly competition and fundraiser for bird conservation involving birders from across the province. The rule: observe as many bird species as possible from a fixed location over a 24-hour period. The goal: raise awareness and money to support the conservation of wild birds.

Part of the money raised will go to conservation projects such as the reduction of the decline of insectivorous bird populations, such as the Bank Swallow and the Purple Martin.  Another portion of the funds will go to help injured and orphaned birds being treated at Le Nichoir this summer.

Please consider supporting Team Le Nichoir with your pledge.

There are many ways to make a pledge for our team: