To protect our staff and the general public we regret that we must close the Centre for all but essential bird admissions.

The Centre will continue to accept bird admissions but by appointment only.

Visitors are not permitted and all tours and education programs are cancelled.

Items from our La Plume Verte store (including our Le Nichoir’s Bird Friendly® coffee) are available for curbside pick-up or through our online store here.

*The reduced shipping rate of $5 per order is still available for our Le Nichoir’s Bird Friendly® coffee.

Bird admissions: An appointment must be made for all bird admissions. We ask that only one person accompany the bird to Le Nichoir and that you do not enter the building. Our staff will explain the admission procedure we have put into place for receiving birds when you call 450 458 2809.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Embracing the unknown and moving forward

Le Nichoir's bird care team 2020

Le Nichoir’s bird care team 2020

This summer saw Le Nichoir set new records: Since May, 2,377 birds have been admitted to the Centre for care. Although most of our programs are on hold due to the pandemic, our bird care program has been in full swing and thriving. We’ve seen flocks of American robins and Mallard ducklings, and handfuls of Barn swallows and Red-eyed vireos. The Centre has been filled to the brim with birds requiring care.

As summer winds to a close, bird admissions too are slowing down. The fall will allow us to rethink how we communicate with our supporters and find new ways to fund our work. Our team is excited to try out innovative online alternatives and strengthen virtual versions of our traditional events. Look for more information on these initiatives in our upcoming newsletters.

Le Nichoir has been incredibly fortunate to receive an enormous amount of help from supporters and the local community. We offer a heartfelt thank you to those who have stayed by our side. We are touched to see the level of support individuals have offered to the wild birds and to Le Nichoir during this ongoing crisis.

New curbside pick-up service

Le Nichoir is happy to announce a new curbside pick-up service for purchases from our on-site La Plume Verte store. You’ve still got time to prepare for feeding birds throughout the fall and winter! All our most popular items are available, including a variety of seeds, feeders and accessories. For details and photos of the items, visit our Facebook page.

Curbside Pick-up:

To place an order, email or call 450-458-2809, ext. 6. Your order will be processed once we receive your payment. Payments can only be made by phone.

Within 24 hours of payment, your order will be processed. We will send you an email when it is available for pick-up. We will label your order and leave it in the vestibule at Le Nichoir (637 Main road, Hudson). You must retrieve it within 48 hours.

Orders placed through the online La Plume Verte store will be subject to shipping costs, as usual.


Weekly food deliveries helps offset grocery bills

Locals have been helping us feed our bird patients throughout the summer with regular donations of grapes, watermelons, oranges, and other items. Tracy Gallacher led the charge, pulling the community together to provide invaluable support for Le Nichoir during COVID-19. A big thank you to Bill Andricopoulos, Ross McDonald, and Kurt Snyder for the amazing team effort!

As good as new

On July 20, 2020, a Wildlife Officer for Environment and Climate Change Canada arrived at Le Nichoir with a Common Nighthawk, an insect-eating bird that is threatened in Canada. The Officer had been contacted by the concerned citizen who had found the bird.

The juvenile nighthawk was underweight and had a fractured lower mandible, which caused its beak to be misaligned. To encourage the beak to heal in the correct position, the biologists at the Centre stabilized the nighthawk’s beak with a bandage every night, and handfed the bird during the day. After three weeks, their efforts were rewarded: on August 12th the nighthawk was returned to the wild with a beak looking good as new!