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Le Nichoir’s mission is to conserve wild birds as part of our natural heritage for future generations.

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization.
The Centre is located in Hudson, Quebec.

Wild Bird Conservationists: What We Do

Healthy birds play an important role in maintaining the health of the environment. Le Nichoir’s team of staff and volunteers are dedicated to offering science-based programs devoted to wild bird conservation. 

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Bird Care Program

Bird Care Program

Hurt Bird

Wild Bird Helpline

Nichoir Educator

Education and Outreach

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Consultation Services

Medical Notes Icon for Bird Care Program BIRD CARE PROGRAM

Le Nichoir is licensed by the Federal and Provincial governments to rehabilitate and care for wild birds in captivity with the goal of releasing them back into nature. All of our actions are based on scientific protocols and best practices, prioritizing each individual bird’s needs and welfare.

We specialize in the care of songbirds, aquatic birds and insectivorous birds, and admit more than  3,000 wild bird patients every year. We currently do not accept pigeons or birds of prey, and due to limited resources, we do not offer a pick-up service.

Have you found an injured bird? Visit our BIRD HELP section.

Headset Icon for Wild Bird Helpline Wild Bird Helpline

Through the Wild Bird Helpline, our trained staff answers thousands of calls every year from people looking for advice and information on birds. 

450-458-2809 ext. 1
Monday to Sunday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

If you leave a message before 5 p.m., we will return your call the same day.

Book Icon for Bird Education and Outreach Education and Outreach

We share our knowledge and passion for birds so that people of all ages can be a part of the solution. Our staff and volunteers bring Le Nichoir’s educational programs, activities and seminars to local communities, and our kiosk is present at many local events. 

To learn more, contact us!

Group Icon for Consultation Services Consultation Services

Le Nichoir’s biologists have over 37 years of combined experience. Our team offers consultation services on a variety of topics including cohabitation with birds. For more information contact info@lenichoir.org

Our Story

In 1996, four dedicated local women recognized the need for a songbird rehabilitation centre in Quebec, so they founded Le Nichoir. For the next 25 years, founders, volunteers, staff and the local community worked hard to grow the organization. Eventually, Le Nichoir outgrew its old barn facility. The new Wild Bird Conservation Centre was built in 2016. 

Situated adjacent to the entrance of the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve, a property of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Le Nichoir is the largest dedicated songbird rehabilitation centre in Canada.

Our Story

In 1996, four dedicated local women recognized the need for a songbird rehabilitation centre in Quebec, so they founded Le Nichoir. For the next 25 years, founders, volunteers, staff and the local community worked hard to grow the organization. Eventually, Le Nichoir outgrew its old barn facility. The new Wild Bird Conservation Centre was built in 2016. 

Situated adjacent to the entrance of the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve, a property of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Le Nichoir is the largest dedicated songbird rehabilitation centre in Canada.


Le Nichoir incorporated

475 bird patients admitted


Construction of the duckling aviary


New logo designed

1,238 bird patients admitted


Construction of the aquatic bird aviary


Adaptations Education Program for children launched

Construction of the large songbird aviary

1,502 bird patients admitted


La Plume Verte Store opens

Café Le Nichoir launched

1,649 bird patients admitted


Wild Bird Conservation Centre built

1,979 bird patients admitted


7,272 hours volunteered

Construction of specialized woodpecker aviary

2,039 bird patients admitted


Digital x-ray machine acquired

2,132 bird patients admitted


Launch of virtual education programs and seminars

2,785 bird patients admitted 


Le Nichoir’s 25th birthday!

Board and Management

Wendy Dollinger B.Sc.
Wendy Dollinger B.Sc.President

Wendy graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc. in agriculture and an interest in wildlife conservation. On her first day as a volunteer at Le Nichoir, the Centre was overwhelmed by 200 baby gulls that had just been rescued, and Wendy was asked to help with cleaning the young birds. She was profoundly affected by the experience and has been a weekly volunteer at Le Nichoir ever since. In 2015, Wendy joined the Board to guide the development of Le Nichoir’s education programs. She assumed the Presidency in 2020.

Peter McBride B.A. Econ.
Peter McBride B.A. Econ.Chairman of the Board

Peter’s career began with a degree in economics from Carleton University and progressed through general management, finance and communications positions in a series of industries from sailboats to biotechnology. Volunteer governance activities have always played a prominent role in Peter’s business life. These have included the boards of Centraide Montreal, The Salvation Army, YMCA and AMCAL Family Services. He has also served as a director and Chairman of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute.

Nikhil Bhatia, CPA Auditor, CA
Nikhil Bhatia, CPA Auditor, CATreasurer

Nikhil attended both Concordia University and McGill University while pursuing his CPA, CA designation. He has always had a love for animals and a concern for their place in our world’s changing environment, a passion that led him to transform his suburban backyard space into a safe haven for wild birds. Having worked for the federal government, Bell Canada and Molson Coors, Nikhil brings enthusiasm, experience and very valuable skills in accounting and finance to support Le Nichoir’s mission and growth in conservation and environmental education.

Sarah MacPherson B.Sc., Ph.D.
Sarah MacPherson B.Sc., Ph.D.Secretary

Sarah’s love of wildlife stems from childhood summers spent at the cottage in Pointe-au-Baril, Ontario. She fondly recalls the night call of the whip-poor-will and black bear sightings. Sarah obtained a B.Sc. (Honours in Biology) from Concordia University, and a Ph.D. from McGill University (Microbiology and Immunology). After a postdoctoral fellowship in Texas, she pursued her interests in health communications and post-secondary education. She is now working as a Research Associate at McGill University. She was first introduced to the inner workings of the Le Nichoir in the old barn as a summer volunteer in 2005. Sarah is thrilled to be contributing as a member of the Board since 2017.

Charles-Henri Brunet, OAQ, LEED® AP BD+C
Charles-Henri Brunet, OAQ, LEED® AP BD+CDirector

Charles-Henri is an architect and graduate of McGill University and a member of the OAQ. He is the president and co-owner of Espace Construction and Designespace, general contractors specializing in an integrated and collaborative construction approach. His interest and passion for the environment and sustainability led him to become a LEED BD+C accredited professional. He is past president of the Canada Green Building Council (Quebec Chapter). Together with his wife Rose, Charles transformed their suburban backyard into a CWF Certified Backyard Habitat including an artificial wetland, a wild garden and an organic vegetable garden. As a member of the Board, Charles contributes most notably by leading our efforts in the maintenance and development of our infrastructure and facilities.

Dr. Florence Erdmann DVM
Dr. Florence Erdmann DVMDirector

Florence earned her veterinary degree from Université de Montreal. She is now a co-partner and veterinarian at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital in suburban Montreal. She is dedicated to the wellbeing of animals, and brings that passion and her veterinary experience to our Board meetings. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Carole Schneider
Carole SchneiderDirector

Carole’s experience in business spans from a large pharmaceutical company, to a local firm where she was instrumental in building global customer service operations. She went on to start her own business, realizing a dream of bringing the joy of used books and organic fair-trade coffee and teas to the community. Today, she is the Operation’s Manager for an investment firm in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, where her many talents keep the business humming and create a customer service culture fueled by her passion for helping others. Her love for supporting people extends to animals in need, including her canine rescue kids, Murphy the Foxhound and Jack the German Shepard. After volunteering in bird care at Le Nichoir for several years, Carole joined the Board and began contributing her business smarts and very sharp analytical to our deliberations.

David Dunbar
David DunbarDirector

David grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario and, in his younger years, was an enthusiastic birder. After completing his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University and law school at the University of Western Ontario, he moved to Ottawa where he pursued a 30 year career with the federal government. David met his wife, Jennifer, while volunteering as an actor in The Lawyer Play, an annual fundraiser put on by Ottawa area lawyers and paralegals. David is proud to be the parent of three great kids, all of them Queen’s students! These days you can almost always find David taking the family cocker spaniel, Charlie, on her daily lunchtime walks in the woods near Como Golf Course.

Jennifer Lombardi, B.Sc., B.Arch.
Jennifer Lombardi, B.Sc., B.Arch.Director

Jennifer grew up in Hudson and loves the outdoors. She is interested in health and wellness, and the importance of environmental sustainability in our everyday life. Jennifer graduated from McGill University with a degree in Biology and Environmental studies. As a university student she spent her summers tree planting in Northern Ontario and travelling around the world. She later found a love for architecture and design and how communities engage with the built environment. After studying architecture at Carleton University, Jennifer began her career in construction by joining her father’s general contractor’s business. She spends most of her days on construction sites managing projects and enjoys being part of a team, be it in business, sports or community groups.

Frank Hicks
Frank HicksDirector Emeritus

Frank served on Le Nichoir’s Board of directors from 2007 until 2019. Born in Ireland, but raised and educated in Canada, Frank has vast business experience in marketing, customer service, administration and accounting. After a very successful career, he decided in 2003 to settle down to a quiet life in Hudson, Quebec. However, inactivity didn’t sit well with Frank and he quickly began devoting his time and expertise to a number of local not-for-profit organizations, including Le Nichoir. NOVA (home nursing care), the local library charity shop, the Hudson Historical Society, the Hudson Merchants Committee and dog rescue groups were some of the other organizations that Frank helped.

Janette Fauque
Janette FauqueDirector Emeritus

In 1994, Janette co-founded Le Nichoir with Lynn Miller, Denise Paquette and Lise Sylvestre, acting as treasurer for the first seven years of the organization’s existence. She was a member of the Board until 2018. Janette was born and raised in the UK and, during her childhood, she was always bringing home orphaned animals (e.g., a hedgehog and a fast-moving three-legged tortoise). After immigrating to Canada, she made her career in the retailing industry, rising to upper management levels, before moving to the manufacturing sector as Vice President of a Canadian ladies apparel manufacturer. She is also a partner in a company that has as its mission to aid Canadian First Nation designers prepare their products and business for the export market.

Lynn Miller B.Sc.Ag., Dipl. Ecotox., Ph.D., CWR
Lynn Miller B.Sc.Ag., Dipl. Ecotox., Ph.D., CWRDirector Emeritus

Lynn co-founded Le Nichoir In 1994 with Janette Fauque, Denise Paquette and Lise Sylvestre. Lynn began life in New Zealand surrounded by animals: cats, dogs, chickens, horses, budgies, and more. While attending McGill University’s MacDonald College in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, she began working with birds of prey at the Macdonald Raptor Research Centre. Although raptors were the specialty, that did not deter the many people who bought in ducklings, song birds, herons and pigeons. Lynn’s mistake was to take these birds to her home — or was it? Lynn qualified as an International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) instructor and subsequently joined the IWRC Board, becoming President in 2011. She is also a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator (CWR). She continued her education with a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology. The classes she teaches have allowed her to travel widely throughout North America and Mexico, Ireland and South Africa.

Dr. Amanda Glew DVMDirector Emeritus

Amanda served on the Board of Le Nichoir from 1995 to 2013. Ever since, she has offered her clinic to Le Nichoir for specialized care whenever possible. With her help, Le Nichoir staff members have fixed ruptured crops, x-rayed fractured wings, treated open wounds, and provided so much more in the care of songbirds. Amanda has been working with animals, large and small since graduation. As a partner of the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic and a teacher at Vanier College, She shares her passion for teaching and animal care with all who will listen. She was one of the first organizers of the yearly “For the birds” auction, which grew to become one of Le Nichoir’s main fundraising events. Amanda continues to be active in fundraising for Le Nichoir and other wildlife/animal charities to this day. Her philosophy is that everyone who can should give time to something they love. She loves animals, so that’s where her volunteer time goes!


Susan Wylie B.Sc., CWR
Susan Wylie B.Sc., CWRDirector of Operations

Susan Wylie is a skilled wildlife biologist, Environmental Management technician, and Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. She is also Past President of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). Susan has asserted her professionalism by leading the development of Le Nichoir’s bird care protocols and best practices for the past 18 years. Susan steers our team in promoting wild bird conservation by linking rehabilitation to science, education and professionalism.

Jo-Annie Gagnon, B.Sc.
Jo-Annie Gagnon, B.Sc.Bird Care Coordinator

Since 2013, Jo-Annie Gagnon, who has a B.Sc. in environmental biology, has developed and delivered bilingual science-based avian biology programs and seminars to youth and adults, respectively. Prior to joining Le Nichoir, she worked as a research assistant on a volunteer basis at the McGill Bird Observatory banding station and as an animator-naturalist at the Montréal’s Space for Life Biodôme. Jo-Annie is passionate and interested in many aspects of the environment. She strives to educate others about birds as part of a complex interconnected world that includes humans, where the effects on one part affect all parts.

Élise Laferriere
Élise LaferriereEducation Coordinator

Élise joined le Nichoir as summer staff in 2022 where she completed her internship for her B.Sc. in Biological Sciences at the University of Montreal. Prior to this she studied Animal Health Technology at Collège Lionel-Groulx. Élise has always had a love and fascination with all living creatures. She knew she wanted to work in wildlife conservation as soon as she started her bachelor’s degree. She started the Educational Program Coordinator position in January of 2023 under Jo-Annie’s mentorship. Working as summer staff in bird care, she saw first hand the impacts of humans on wild birds. She quickly understood the importance of education in wildlife conservation as many human caused injuries could have been prevented had the public been informed. She strives to offer new and effective ways of communicating information about birds for all ages. Élise believes that conservation starts with education. Her goal is to share her passion for birds because one who loves birds will want to protect them.