Activities at the Centre

Throughout the year, Le Nichoir offers two types of activities for the public: seminars and family activities. Although normally held at the centre, these are now being offered virtually (online).

Seminars are offered on a variety of topics in French and English (on alternating dates) with bilingual question periods. Although open to children, seminars are intended for older participants.  

Family activities usually include a small information session on the topic of the day followed by a discovery walk into the Clarke Sydenham nature reserve. Family activities are open to families and individuals, with or without children.

You can find the activity and seminar schedule on our Facebook page (no Facebook account needed).

Spaces are limited. To book your spot (or simply ask us a question), contact us:

Girl Learning Outdoors

Children’s Programs

Try one of our programs that teach your class or group more about birds and the environment that surrounds them. All of our programs are interactive and hands-on, creating a memorable experience for the children.

Our biologist can come to you with the required materials to offer you programs in your classroom or meeting location, or come to the centre.

Programs at Le Nichoir include a short visit of the centre. It is also possible to add an outdoor activity to the program. These activities allow the children to explore and connect with the nature of the Clarke Sydenham nature reserve adjacent to Le Nichoir.

Some of our programs are offered virtually.

All of our programs are offered in French, English or bilingual.

Leaf Icon Bird Adaptations: Custom-made for habitat

Age: 6-14 | Grade: 1 to 7 | Maximum group size: 30
This interactive program teaches children about bird’s beak, feet and wings adaptations using prepared specimens and tools they can manipulate.

The development of this program was supported by:


Program sponsor:

Magnifine Glass Icon Avian detectives

Age: 8-14 | Grade: 3 to 7 | Maximum group size: 30
This program encourages children to use their imagination by becoming detectives in order to discover the cause of injury from real cases of Le Nichoir’s patients.

Bird Icon What is a bird?

Age: 4-5 | Grade: Pre-K and K | Maximum group size: 20
The program What is a Bird. Using puppet stories, games and creative activities. The program is an initiation into the fascinating world of birds for children 4 and 5 years old.

This program is available in up to 4 visits exploring different subjects.

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Kiosks and Community Events

Le Nichoir participates in many events in communities in and around Montreal. Our volunteers and staff travel around with tons of material, documentation and enthusiasm to go meet with the public and share their passion for birds and talk about our organization and work.

Our biologists also participate in events as educators and organize activities for the attendees of all ages.

Contact us if you would like to invite Le Nichoir to an event and follow our Facebook page to know where our team will be next.


Le Nichoir offers a variety of seminars on a wide range of topics. 

All our seminars are delivered by an experienced biologist. 

  • Regular seminars: 1 – 1 1/2 hours
  • Short seminars: 20 – 30 minutes (These can be stand-alone seminars or added on to another presentation.)

Seminars can be delivered at your location, at Le Nichoir or online. Seminars delivered at Le Nichoir can include a short visit of the Centre.

Current Seminar Topics

Interested in something not listed here? Please contact us. We may be able to accommodate your needs.

  • An attractive and safe backyard for birds
  • What do you do if you find an injured bird?
  • Le Nichoir and Wild Bird Rehabilitation
  • Aquatic birds
  • Winter adaptations
  • Bird couples
  • Chicks and nestlings            
  • Colors and patterns in birds; nature’s artwork
  • Migration
  • Goatsuckers (short seminar)
  • Loons (short seminar)

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