In 2011 Le Nichoir experienced the busiest year yet in its 17-year history, admitting a record 1728 birds for care and treatment. The Ring-billed Gull was by far the most common species we received, with 221 of them arriving from the SPCA of Montreal in June alone. In fact, June was our busiest month last year: that’s when we accepted a total of 658 birds.

The arrival of the Ring-billed Gulls in the summer prompted an unprecedented outpouring of support from the public. For several weeks, volunteers came to the Centre daily to help care for the Gulls while other volunteers built a new aviary to accommodate the injured birds. The new aviary, measuring 36ft by 12ft, will allow Le Nichoir to house aquatic birds in future emergency situations.

Another addition to our Centre over the past year was a new wood chimney, built in our insectivorous aviary, where the Chimney swifts can now roost in comfort.

Over the course of last year, Le Nichoir also admitted a number of threatened species, including the Whip-poor-will, Common Nighthawk, Barn Swallow, Chimney Swift, Least Bittern and Canada Warbler.

Key 2011 stats … and fun facts

  • Common species admitted:

Ring-billed Gull – 368
American Robin – 189
Mallard – 174
American Crow – 155

  • Most common areas of origin: Montreal and Vaudreuil-Soulanges regions
  • Most common reasons for admission to Le Nichoir: birds were orphaned or abandoned, had wing fractures or suffered cat attacks.
  • Most unusual reason for admission: a bird falling into a vat of gluten.

New Centre Project
In 2012 Le Nichoir will press on with work on its New Centre for wild bird conservation by setting out detailed plans for the building. Among these plans is a project to build a multi-unit aviary for songbirds, with a focus on insectivores. And, to help raise the last 40 per cent of the New Centre’s construction budget, Le Nichoir will soon be launching a “Loonie” campaign.

Thanks to all of our volunteers!
Le Nichoir has over 60 dedicated volunteers who help with a variety of tasks, such as bird care, fundraising, building construction, and graphic design. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and we cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work.

New volunteers are always welcome! If you’d like to help with bird care, or can provide assistance and expertise in building an earthworm farm or a small mealworm colony, please call 450-458-2809 or email