Call for the Wild!
Jamieson Vitamins has included us in a project that will allow Canadians to choose how 100,000 dollars will be shared between five worthy environmental organizations. Jamieson will allow you to vote for Le Nichoir once a day, every day until September 16, 2012 at (no need to have a Facebook page to vote).

Voting is underway!

To place your vote, CLICK HERE.

Want a daily reminder? CLICK HERE and we will send you short daily reminders until the end of the voting period to make sure we keep the excitement level high. (Thank you for your commitment if you have already signed up)

The $100,000 will be divided based on the percentage of votes each organization receives. If Le Nichoir receives 1% of the vote, it will be awarded $1,000. But if the Centre receives 50% of the votes, that translates to $50,000. So every vote counts!

Le Nichoir is the hummingbird of the campaign, and as the smallest organization, the Centre needs to flap its wings faster than the rest to get its share of the grant!

So vote every day, and get your friends and family involved too! Getting as many supporters as we can will be key to our success.

Share this message or the Call for the Wild! Facebook page with your family and friends. Nothing could be greater than seeing our entire community of supporters lead a flock of friends, family and social media contacts to vote early and often for the science based wild bird rehabilitation we do at Le Nichoir.

Le Nichoir is grateful to Jamieson Vitamins for this unique opportunity to grow our finances and public profile. Help us make the most of it by voting every day!

Thank you once again for your trust and kind support over the years.

Tree swallow image: Rachel Jacklyn Bilodeau

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