Le NichoirAfter a long windy and cold winter, we are all anxious to enjoy the sunshine and longer spring days. The snow has finally melted at the Barn and Le Nichoir staff and volunteers have been busy spring-cleaning and preparing for what will inevitably be another busy season.

In 2013 the Centre received 1,523 wild birds for care, which was a slight increase from 2012. The most common bird admitted was the American Robin; we also had the luxury of caring for two young American Bitterns as well as a flock of duckling American Wigeons and a Black-billed Cuckoo, all of which were released.

SparrowNow the Centre has officially opened its doors full-time for the 2014 season and welcomes both friends and feathers as of May 19th. We encourage you to visit Le Nichoir and take a self-guided tour of the property anytime between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Mondays to Sundays. You’ll get to see the birds as well as our new songbird aviary!

Don’t forget to visit La Plume Verte – Le Nichoir’s new retail adventure. The name says it all: products for birds and bird lovers that are as “green” as we can find. The Centre has selected an eclectic mix of items, including high-tech decals to prevent window collisions (a major reason for bird admissions to Le Nichoir), squirrel-resistant feeders, handmade paper cards, and locally made bird-inspired jewellery. We’ve chosen products that are good for the birds, good for the environment and good for people. All the profits from La Plume Verte will help to sustain Le Nichoir’s operations. So come and shop with us!