Building upon Success

New Main Building

In 2013 our supporters helped us complete the new multi-unit aviary complex. And, in 2014 while the birds were benefiting from their greatly improved housing,  we have been concentrating on designing and seeking support for a new main building.  We are thrilled to be able to share with you the news that we are now less than $100,000 away from reaching our goal of $944,000.

We are so grateful to you for supporting our commitment to conserving wild birds through our programs of compassionate care and public education.  We could not offer these programs without your help.  Your past generosity has kept the wind under our wings and allowed us to build a strong foundation upon which to develop the Conservation Centre including both new programs and new facilities.

In the last three years with your support we have acquired the land for the Centre; greatly expanded our off-site environmental education program for children; built the multi-unit aviary complex and launched La Plume Verte boutique – all part of our strategy to develop a Wild Bird Conservation Centre.

An essential element of the project is a new main building to replace our cramped non-winterized 1837 barn.

The Centre will house an avian rehabilitation centre for songbirds and aquatic birds and an environmental education program whose aim is to promote the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

The avian wildlife rehabilitation facility housed within the new Conservation Centre will:


  • Ensure the public year round access to the professional wildlife rehabilitation services of Le Nichoir.
  • Greatly improve the standard of care provided to injured and orphaned songbirds and aquatic birds.
  • Ensure local availability of avian wildlife emergency response services.
  • Provide the region with an important centre of expertise.
  • Provide an intern program to students of wildlife biology and environmental studies.
  • Create an increased opportunity for students and researchers to work hands on in the area of wildlife rehabilitation.

The multi-functional classroom facility housed within the new Conservation Centre will:


  • Permit a significant expansion of Le Nichoir’s on-site environmental education program serving schools and other groups.
  • Provide a unique learning environment linking classroom and the adjacent nature reserve.
  • Make available a space for the development of the  junior volunteer program for children ages 12 to 16.
  • Enrich access to the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve with a space for changing displays interpreting the habitats and wildlife to be found in the reserve.
  • Serve as an informal education space for visitors with displays showing how to minimize the negative impacts human activity can have on wild birds.