Grand défi 2016

For the 4th year in a row, Le Nichoir participated in the Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux where Jo-Annie Gagnon and our volunteers observed as many bird species as possible within a 10 metre circle for 24 hours. A bird-watching marathon! This event, now in its sixth year, brings together all levels of birders from across the province to help raise awareness and funds for wild bird and habitat conservation.

This year our team reached its goal of observing 50 different species of birds.

To reach that goal, some of the team members spent the night under the stars, adding the nocturnal Barred Owl and American Woodcock to the list. American Bitterns, a Ruffed Grouse and a Virginia Rail were some of the interesting species on that list.

You can still support our dedicated team members until June 30th 2016 on the Grand Défi QuébecOiseaux website at (look for team Le Nichoir) or contact Le Nichoir directly at