Earth Day at Le NichoirIn celebration of Earth Day, Le Nichoir and artist Nancy Farnum from 2 Barn Owls in Hudson are coming together to pay tribute to Earth’s life and ecosystems.

Throughout the day you will be able to witness Nancy Farnum working on the construction of a giant nest to crown the snag of a century-old maple located beside the centre. We reluctantly had to cut down the dying tree two years ago, but purposely left the main trunk standing so it could continue to serve as a valuable resource for wild birds.

Come join us on April 22nd to witness the construction of the nest and learn about the fascinating ecosystem surrounding deadwood from the death of the tree to the moment it goes back to earth and its importance for wild birds. Discovery walks in the nature reserve, games, fun and much more are on the menu!

Advance registration is required: or  450 458 2809.

Details of the activity:
Location: Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre and the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve

Date: Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Time: 10:00 to 12:00

Recommended for: Families with children of 6 years and over

Cost: Free of charge