We are into our busy, bird-care season and admissions are running significantly ahead of 2019, which was already a record year! Perhaps because people are staying home, they are more apt to notice a Northern Flicker has hit a window and lies injured on the ground or a baby Cardinal has fallen from its nest. Whatever the reason, as I write this note, we are successfully caring for well over 400 birds at the Centre.

How are we coping? As described more fully below, we have brought back a limited number of volunteers and have set up a second kitchen in our classroom to feed the overcapacity crowd. Although it may appear slightly chaotic from the outside, it’s working surprisingly well. A huge “thank you!” and hats off to our extraordinary staff and our amazing volunteers!

Another important thank you is called for: In March, we were forced to cancel our biggest fundraiser and have now reluctantly cancelled our August fundraiser, the Festival of Birds and Nature. Despite the difficult economic times, our donors are stepping up with steadily increasing online donations. Some have even organized local fundraising projects for us! We are not out of the woods yet but this increased giving is helping a lot. Thank you and hats off to our wonderfully generous donors!




Wendy Dollinger, President