Le Nichoir's bird care team 2020

Le Nichoir’s bird care team 2020

This summer saw Le Nichoir set new records: Since May, 2,377 birds have been admitted to the Centre for care. Although most of our programs are on hold due to the pandemic, our bird care program has been in full swing and thriving. We’ve seen flocks of American robins and Mallard ducklings, and handfuls of Barn swallows and Red-eyed vireos. The Centre has been filled to the brim with birds requiring care.

As summer winds to a close, bird admissions too are slowing down. The fall will allow us to rethink how we communicate with our supporters and find new ways to fund our work. Our team is excited to try out innovative online alternatives and strengthen virtual versions of our traditional events. Look for more information on these initiatives in our upcoming newsletters.

Le Nichoir has been incredibly fortunate to receive an enormous amount of help from supporters and the local community. We offer a heartfelt thank you to those who have stayed by our side. We are touched to see the level of support individuals have offered to the wild birds and to Le Nichoir during this ongoing crisis.