One of the important lessons the pandemic has taught us is that in a situation that is larger than yourself, you can contribute to positive change by focusing on those factors you have control over and the decisions that are within your power to make.

Simple every day choices go a long way. Did you know that window collisions are one of the most common human-made causes of bird mortality? Applying window alert decals to the glass panes in your home can help to reduce these unnecessary deaths. It’s a simple but effective action you can take. La Plume Verte offers a variety of products and solutions to help you reduce your personal impact on wild birds.


Virtual Seminars for Adults and Children

You can also get more involved and learn about wild bird conservation by attending one (or all!) of our virtual seminars. Our wildlife biologists are passionate about what they do and happy to help you learn.

Making a Yard Bird-Friendly: Discover what you can do to encourage birds to your backyard from the comfort of your home! Register for the French seminar on April 22, 2021 or for the English seminar April 29, 2021. Both start at 7:00 p.m.

We also offer virtual education programs for school children:

Bird Adaptations: Learn about why birds’ beaks, feet and wings are different depending on their food and habitat.

Avian Detectives: Use your imagination to become an avian detective! Answer questions to solve real cases sampled from Le Nichoir’s patients.


For more information:

Enjoy, and have a happy and healthy spring!