A bird's nest on the side of a building

The sun is shining and the birds are singing! Spring is also the time of year when many species raise their young. Many bird species have adapted to expanding urban settings and might choose to build their nests in some rather creative places. This is exactly what Paul Malone from Malone’s Tree Services found when he was getting ready to move his truck on his work site: a freshly built robin’s nest with a young bird waiting for mom and dad.

Most of the songbirds that breed in North America will fledge (leave the nest) and learn to fly from the ground within a few weeks of hatching. Simply waiting a week or two to allow the nestlings to leave on their own can keep a bird family together and make a great difference. After speaking with our biologist, Paul confirmed that the parents were still present. He refrained from moving the vehicle and made sure to leave the nest were it was to give the young bird the time it needed to leave to the nest.

Migratory birds, along with their nests and eggs, are protected by federal law; removing them is illegal. We should all remember that our cities were built on land that was once lush and green. The wildlife that was here before us has adapted to our presence and the weird structures that have replaced their habitat. Sometimes in our haste and eagerness, we forget to be mindful of our wild neighbours who have shared their habitat with us.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to Paul’s, please give us a call before taking down a nest. We will gladly help you work out a solution.