This month’s featured product from our store La Plume Verte is the Permabitat nesting box. Permabitat is a Quebec-owned small enterprise, and all of their nesting boxes are handmade locally out of treated non-toxic white pine wood.

With the increasing loss of habitat, many species of birds are having difficulty finding a place to feed, reproduce and take refuge. By installing nesting boxes or platforms, you can help conserve, recreate and enhance wildlife habitats to ensure sustainable biodiversity.

At La Plume Verte, we offer a variety of Permabitat’s nesting boxes, from Tree Swallows to Chickadees and Nuthatches. Moreover, each shelter is specifically adapted to the needs of each species and designed to be installed without damaging trees.

Each nesting box includes an informative installation and maintenance guide. To learn more about Permabitat and the products they offer, visit their website at