The most thrilling aspect of caring for wild birds is being able to release them back into nature. Seeing the positive results of the efforts that all of our volunteers and staff have made to ensure that a bird is returned to the wild is extremely rewarding.

A Great Blue Heron was found on the road late one evening after likely being hit by a car. The bird was in shock, with a wound on its head, wing and one of its ankles. A member of the public reached out to a local rescue group to capture the bird and bring it to Le Nichoir.

Once examined by our biologists, the heron was provided with a full examination, given pain relief, and then placed in a pen furnished with branches and a small pool. After a few days, the heron quickly regained its strength, and devoured the many sardines and mackerel it was fed. The heron was then placed in an outdoor pen with a larger pool and hiding places. It was released soon after.

Seeing such extraordinary results of the efforts that our volunteers and staff make, never fails to “make our day” at Le Nichoir.