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Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day

May 9 – A day that highlights the need to conserve migratory birds and protect their habitats.

A simple change to your routine can make a global impact. Join us in making a powerful change for birds—even from home!

Drink Bird Friendly® certified coffee and save critical bird habitat, one cup at a time.


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Drink Bird Friendly

* SMBC fieldwork, Peru

No other eco-friendly coffee seal comes close to the Bird Friendly® gold standard when it comes to protecting biodiversity on coffee farms.




It’s also a great way to show your support for Le Nichoir’s local wild bird conservation programs here in Quebec.

Le Panier Bleu

Caring for Birds in Tough Times

In light of COVID-19, the Board of Directors met by teleconference to plot a new course for Le Nichoir. The pandemic has forced us to cancel our main fundraiser, A Taste of Hudson. Replacing those funds will call for a major effort and a lot of goodwill. What’s more, COVID-19 safety measures forced us to suspend our volunteer program. Last year, volunteers provided over 4,600 hours of donated time to the Centre. These will be sorely missed in the coming months.

Our multi-talented biologists are working hard to adapt to this new reality. Here are some of the measures we’ve adopted so far:

  • We have suspended the educational program until further notice.
  • We have made changes to our bird care operations to allow us to pursue our mission safely, but on a reduced scale.
  • Bird care will be provided exclusively by employees until further notice. The only exception is ambulance drivers, who can provide volunteer services without entering the building.
  • The Centre is closed to the public except to admit injured birds. Anyone planning on delivering an injured bird must call ahead.
  • La Plume Verte and Bird Friendly Coffee customers are encouraged to order online
  • We are making maximum use of our telephone and online help lines to educate callers and avoid unnecessary admissions.

Le Nichoir is a strong and seasoned organization with exceptional staff. We are confident in our ability to keep caring for birds, even in these difficult times. Our many supporters and some recently announced government aid programs will help us along the way. We are prepared to make additional operational changes as the situation evolves, should we need to.

We will keep you posted as we go, so please stay tuned.

Behind-the-scenes at Le Nichoir

Le Nichoir

Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for Le Nichoir’s staff? Watch this short behind-the-scenes video to learn about what happens on a daily basis at the Centre.


To protect our staff and the general public we regret that we must close the Centre for all but essential bird admissions.

The Centre will continue to accept bird admissions but by appointment only (instructions below).

Visitors are not permitted and all tours and education programs are cancelled.

All on-site volunteer programs are suspended indefinitely.

Our on-site store is closed. Some products from La Plume Verte however can be purchased online here.

Le Nichoir’s Bird Friendly® coffee is still available at our online store and to encourage you to try it we have reduced our shipping cost to $5 per order.

Bird admissions: An appointment must be made for all bird admissions. We ask that only one person accompany the bird to Le Nichoir and that you do not enter the building. Our staff will explain the admission procedure we have put into place for receiving birds when you call 450 458 2809.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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