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Getting Cold Feet

April 6, 2022|

Birds from all over Quebec are brought to Le Nichoir. Sometimes it takes a number of kind-hearted individuals to get an injured bird to us. [...]

La Plume Verte

April 6, 2022|

Did you know that we now ship most items from our La Plume Verte store? Get everything you need to feed, conserve and celebrate birds [...]

A Study in Scarlet

February 24, 2022|

If you’ve ever seen a bright crimson bird out and about, you’ve most likely seen a male Northern Cardinal. Unlike many songbirds of the region, [...]

A Very Big Thank You

February 24, 2022|

Towards the end of each year, Le Nichoir launches a major fundraising initiative, our Annual Campaign. Late last November, we sent out solicitation letters to [...]

Be my Valentine?

January 12, 2022|

This Valentine’s Day, gift the love of birds with a limited-edition aquatic bird sponsorship highlighting the Northern Gannet who mate for life. To celebrate, a [...]

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