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Save the date

May 25, 2022|

Le Nichoir’s Festival of Birds and Nature is coming back with a variety of virtual and in-person activities for all from July 20th to 23rd.

Weekend surprise!

May 25, 2022|

The sun is shining and the birds are singing! Spring is also the time of year when many species raise their young. Many bird species [...]

Is it Spring?

April 6, 2022|

The appearance of Robins has long been thought of as a sign of spring. However, you may be surprised to learn that many Robins don’t [...]

Celebrating Earth Day

April 6, 2022|

Celebrate Earth Day with Le Nichoir and see some migratory birds! Join us Friday, April 22, for an in-person exploratory walk into the Clarke Sydenham [...]

Getting Cold Feet

April 6, 2022|

Birds from all over Quebec are brought to Le Nichoir. Sometimes it takes a number of kind-hearted individuals to get an injured bird to us. [...]

La Plume Verte

April 6, 2022|

Did you know that we now ship most items from our La Plume Verte store? Get everything you need to feed, conserve and celebrate birds [...]

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