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November 2013

Once a year we invite you to participate in our Annual Campaign. Your generosity enables our staff, interns and volunteers to provide professional and compassionate care to the growing number of injured and orphaned wild birds brought to Le Nichoir annually.

Annual CampaignThree Chimney swifts arrived at Le Nichoir having been found in a garbage chute covered in thick, brown sludge. After a thorough cleaning and time to recuperate, the swifts were released.

A Mourning dove was admitted with a torn crop after hitting a window. Our volunteer veterinarian and biologist repaired the torn crop and after two weeks of care the dove was ready for release.

Almost all admissions are due to human impacts and these are the stories of but four of the over 1,500 wild birds brought to Le Nichoir this year.

At Le Nichoir our staff and volunteers are not only nurturing wild birds but also the next generation of wild bird conservationists. Every summer, we integrate and educate students from wildlife biology, environmental biology and veterinary science programs. As the years pass, we are proud to say that we are also releasing tomorrow’s scientists back into their natural environment with a healthy understanding of the challenges wild birds are facing today.

Rothenberg Capital Management and an anonymous second donor have pledged that for every dollar you donate towards our operating budget during this Annual Campaign, a new dollar will be donated to our fund to build a new four-seasons facility. Your gift now will not only sustain the operations of the Centre this coming year but also help ensure the future of Le Nichoir.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Le Nichoir.






Susan Wylie B. Sc. Wildlife Biology
Executive Director