New aviary an essential step towards the ultimate goal of year-round conservancy centre

New Aviary at Le NichoirThe new multi-unit aviary at Hudson’s Le Nichoir wild bird rehabilitation centre is now complete and set to make a great deal of difference to survival rates of the more than 1,500 injured birds admitted by Le Nichoir every year.

The completion of the new aviary in November 2013 marked a significant moment for the largest songbird rehabilitation centre in Canada. The aviary’s state of the art design is specially honed for helping injured birds recover flight—and its completion is a major accomplishment for Le Nichoir as it closes in on the achievement of its ultimate goal: the new Wild Bird Conservation Centre.

“Aviaries play a critical role in the rehabilitation process,” explained Le Nichoir’s executive director, biologist Susan Wylie.

“They allow birds to develop the strong flight muscles needed for migration and survival in the wild. Once they are strong enough to fly and feed on their own, they can then be safely released back into their natural environment where they can rejoin their own species.”

The much-needed aviary was completed thanks to the generosity of many donors, including generous grants from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, TD Friends of the Environment, Greygates Foundation, the Hagen Family Foundation and the McOuat family.