Susan Wylie, Executive Director

What an amazing evening! What a record-breaking success! Our 115 guests raised $52,000 during the third edition of A Taste of Hudson.

2016 is a hugely important year for Le Nichoir. It is the year we celebrate 20 years of commitment to wild bird conservation and the year we open the new main building. Neither of which would be possible without all the support we have been shown over the years. On April 2nd we celebrated the achievements our supporters have made possible and ensured the future of our programs this summer.

The monies raised will be used to provide bird care and education program services this summer and to purchase classroom and kitchen equipment for the new building.

Follow the link to view some images of Le Nichoir Then and Now presented by Dr. Lynn Miller during the event.

Le Nichoir’s Board of Directors would like to thank you for all for giving your time at this event to make it a success. Without you, this evening would not have been possible.

Our Auctioneers – Michael Lawrence and Robin Pridham our MC – Elias Makos, our Musicians – Stewart Gunyon, Geoff Mitchell and Andrew Skowronski, Tom Disandolo (Photographer), Wanda Bray (Centerpieces), Nancy Kaudel (Graphic Designer), Christine Saillart (Translator)

Our dedicated volunteers – Nathan Afilalo, Gen Blanchet, Josée Bonneville, Jessica Cadieux, Cynthia Chesmer, Sean Cloghesy, Kim Cox, Ryan Denis, Karin Drewery, Susi Filsner,  Johanne Gravel, Erica Guth, Erin Harris, Kevin Ilaqua, Martin Jackson, Catherine Jarjour, Veronica Jensen, Connie Lattanzio, Maria Lattanzio, Weiyi Liu, Adrian Malandrucco, Sabrina Milot, Natasha Nicolson,  Johanne Oolman, Christina Page, Dylan Robinson, Stephen Saplywyj, Amanda Schofield, Diane Seguin, Elaine Serafini, Michelle Wachman, Margot Wilbert, Dan Wylie and Karen Wylie.

The Town of Hudson for the use of their tables and C & C Packing Inc. for sponsoring ingredients.

And a big thank you to this evening’s talented chefs – Claudia Portaro – Claudia’s Catering, Dave Warner- Auberge Willow Place Inn, Dawn Hodes – Daboom! Desserts, Jean-Pierre Martel – Crème glacée du Terrior Hudson, Keith Wells – Mackoli, l?équipe de l?Artisan de la mer, Maison Défricheur, Nancy Kaudel and Carl Dubé – Totem Roasters, Patricia Hovington – Minus 40 Foods, Stuart LeBaron – LeBaron Bites.


Sponsors for the event included:

Crow LevelCrows are known to nest in very high trees, by doing so they have a better vision or perspective.

eSpace Construction inc. Wayside Inspection Devices


Cardinal LevelThe Fiery Cardinal tends to stand out from the crowd.

Fondation Sami Fruits




Robert Daoust et fils Hôpital vétérinaire Hudson


Woodpecker LevelThe tenacious Woodpecker makes us stand up and take notice.


Whitlock Golf and Country Club La Pivoinerie D'Aoust


Swallow LevelSwallows represent freedom, hope and the beginning of a journey.

 Pridham's Auction House

The Garden Path

The Garden Path

The Country Gardener

The Country Gardener

Patricia Wright
BFL Canada Skedaddle_Fr-(1)



Hummingbird LevelThe Hummingbird reminds us of life’s simple pleasures.

Elizabeth & Gerry Semmelhaack, Louise Riel, Sarah Clinton, Massimo Fabbro, Marta Swistak