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November 2018

When you find an injured bird, where do you turn? Probably to Le Nichoir. We are here to help when you find a bird in distress.

When you care enough to call us and to transport a bird to the Centre, our team of wildlife biologists, students, interns and volunteers are committed to providing helpful advice and compassionate and professional care.

Every fall we invite caring people like you to show support for the work we do at Le Nichoir.

An injured Canada Goose was found on a nest incubating her eggs. She had a fishhook and fishing line embedded in her neck. When her mate was nearby, the goose was captured and brought to Le Nichoir. The vets at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital were able to remove the fishing gear and after a recovery period at Le Nichoir the goose was successfully reunited with the eggs and her mate.

And, 3 weeks later …

Canada Goose Canada Geese

In early June a juvenile Common Raven was admitted for care after being hit by a train. The raven had suffered a severe wing injury. Shortly after, a second juvenile raven was admitted and the two recuperated from their injuries for several weeks before being released together in September.

Ravens at Le Nichoir

A day old Wild Turkey suffered severe damage to its leg after being attacked by a cat. On admission we weren’t sure if the wounds would cause permanent damage to his leg. But, following a week of intensive care, the young turkey was standing and able to run. A month later, the turkey was released into a new adoptive family of Wild Turkeys.

Young Wild Turkey

Just 3 of the nearly 2,000 birds stories we could tell you this year

Did you know?

  • Over 90% of our budget comes from individual donations and fundraising activities.
  • Over 100 different species of birds are brought to the Centre each year.
  • Our biologists will have responded to over 12,000 emails and phone calls this year.
  • Last year, 165 volunteers donated over 7,275 hours to help care for the birds.
  • Individuals from nearly 200 municipalities have brought birds to Le Nichoir for care this year.
  • Almost every admission is due to an unfortunate human impact.

In addition to being here 364 days a year, when you call us for advice or you admit a bird for care we also invest our resources in education.

Education is key to conserving bird populations and their habitats. At Le Nichoir we use our unique perspective on the impact human activity has on wild birds to develop and deliver 3 interactive education programs for children: Bird Adaptations – Custom made for Habitat, Avian Detectives and for very young children – What is a Bird?

Our goal is to create in children an understanding, an interest and a desire to conserve wild birds.

TD Classroom Microscope

Your gift will help make our unique education programs available to more Quebec children – an investment for the future of our local birds.

You are part of the important community who make Le Nichoir’s commitment to conserving our local birds a reality. Today and tomorrow. Thank you for your trust and for making a gift during this campaign.


Weiyi Liu, Jo-Annie Gagnon, Amanda Smith and all of us at Le Nichoir

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